Hanging out in Rio.

In Rio de Janeiro, two genius brothers have turned the side of an art gallery into a kind of vertical playground. Tiago Primo (27) & his brother, Gabriel (20) spend 12 hours a day in their 'house' which hangs from the side of the building in Rio's old center. So the articles I've read tell me, I believe somewhere in Lapa?

The two have been hanging out since May and will still be there till August 20th. And the toilet? Over the balcony and into the gallery thank goodness.

That would take bird poop to a whole new level.

My toms.

While we were in the United States (South America taught me never to call the USA simply America) I finally got myself a pair of Toms. Shoes I've written about on here many times as I really support their company. I've seen so many 'knock-off' pairs of Toms on my travels so far and really hope that if people like the style and can afford it they choose to by Toms instead. You won't be disappointed!

I hope the second pair of shoes from my purchase have made it to their rightful owner. My pair quite possibly could be the most comfy pair of shoes I've ever owned.

Thanks Toms for being so great! I definitely will be a returning customer.

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