All routes lead to home.

Some maps for Sunday's Devonport market.

The best thing.

I've seen so far today. Come at me bro?

P.S. I'll be down at the Devonport Christmas Festival this Sunday selling things! If you'd like to come say hello, well that would be fantastic! 10 - 3, see here.


Playing around.

I got this chinese string when I was in Turkey we while ago and am finally playing around with it in an attempt to make some bracelets. After many duds I'm one down!


I just got stung by a bee! I cannot remember the last time that happened. Out in the garden collecting spinach for a morning smoothie, I got a sharp pain in my foot and underneath it was a poor bee! Now I have a poor foot.

But in other news, this packaging is pretty cute.



One map order ready to be collected.


Tonight I did two things. First one, I went to see The Intouchables. It was brilliant. We bought icecreams on the way there thinking Capitol Cinemas might be a little expensive with their frozen movie snacks. Turns out their Movenpick icecreams in waffles cones were 20c more than what we'd bought at the dairy. Fail. But their staff, so friendly and nice, let us put our pre-bought goodies in their freezer to take home after, so the strawberry Movenpick got to find a place in my belly after all. Kapiti, I'll be seeing you later.

And the second, I donated $5 to Wikipedia, because they need it to remain a NGO and because I use it! If you like grand movies and Wikipedia too I highly recommend doing both of these things in the near future.

Plus Wikipedia send you a lovely email of thanks - 'I thank you for joining us in our effort to make the sum of all human knowledge available for everyone.'


To my ever loving family.

For Christmas I'd please like this one, please.

You might like it too! And if you buy something during 'Cyber Monday' (before Nov 27th) you can get $15 off with this code - CHRISTMASKIT2012

Awesome people.

Hanging out together. Eddie Murphy, Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby, and Richard Pryor.

One of my favourite tumblrs.


First christmas.

I can't think of a wee one I know that is having their first Christmas this year. Major apologies if I'm forgetting someone! Monday brain. But I thought I'd share this anyway, it might just be the sweetest gift you could possibly give for an occasion such as this.

I've been a fan of Paloma's Nest since the beginning, so simply clean and beautiful every time.

It's Monday but!


Rifling an order.

I have a been a big Rifle Paper Co. fan for awhile now and I'm finally going to make an order! I want some of Anna Bond's lovely things for Christmas presents and since shipping from the States costs a bomb I was wondering if anyone else fancied some Rifle things and we could rally together for a purchase.

Let me know if so! In the mean time here is a lovely write up about Anna.


Working bee.

I've been working away on stock for the market and stores. My cards are now in Unity Books which is bloomin' etc as I totally rate them as a card destination in the city!

Heaps of new map magnets, these seem to be pretty popular secret santa gifts and speaking of secret Santas, I've made a ton of gift tags and put them on Etsy too here.

I also bought this lovely little Italian map book when I was recently overseas, promise to post some photos soon, and finally am going to make the two reasonably sized maps up for the up coming markets.


It's that time again.

Folks, it's that time again. Extra Curricular is about to hit the shelves and the pre-orders have opened. I just got mine! Don't miss out. It's always the most wonderful read.

This issue cover backyard honeybess, home brew, sewing, soap making and growing your own food plus heaps more. Heaps.



I made my first card sale (two birthday balloon cards) on etsy over the weekend! Victory!
Thank you very much Amu (buyer) from one happy seller.


Total eclipse.

Almost anyhoo, enough to make a whole bunch of people up Auckland Mt Eden go 'ooo' and 'ahhh' over at least!



They are ready! For tomorrows market, just in the nick of time.

And a biggg map order for a wedding tomorrow!



Congratulations buddy. Do your victory dance.


Secret Santas.

The secret santa gift tags are back again this year for another round. See the lineup below.

Let me know if you'd like to order any (as I can post them if you like) otherwise they will be on my stall this Saturday at Two One Four market! A assorted pack of 6 is $5.

Click the link above to see all the other talented folk doing Two One Four, it's going to be a gooden!

Guy Fawkes.

A wee snippet of our reactions to fireworks last night.

Hope everyone had good bang!



Finally the etsy shop has some things in it again. More to come as I slowly slowly get my A into G.


How house fires start.

My friend Oliver almost had a house fire once, he filmed what he found and then became a youtube sensation almost over night because of it. Or something like that. The boy's got almost 1 million views, that to me is youtube stardom.

So this is me helping him achieve it.

I love Halloween.

Look what I found!


Is so good for the soul. Yesterday we even got to frolic in the water. Thank you Auckland. More days like this please.

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