For a dear friend.

Happy birthday girl!

So this one time..

I was on a slideshow in a TED talk! That's me! On the big screen, pulling a ridiculous face.

My parents must be proud.


Dollars for dogs and coins for cats.

Today is cupcake day for the SPCA. Eat one and donate them some dollars would ya? I just delivered this batch of pumpkin and sultanas to the office. I hope they are enjoyed!


Remember a while ago I mentioned taking some photos for my lovely friend Claire? She is the brilliance behind Belle + Beau and she's just been featured in this months Good magazine. I'm so happy for her! And Belle + Beau is also just about to open a showroom too.

More on that to come. Go lady go!


Prepare to die.

From a cuteness attack. Look at this guy!

How could you not love 'em.


Hunter Gatherer.

Tonight some dear friends are opening their shop. Well tomorrow actually but friends and family get to enjoy the space tonight. I'm so excited! About bloomin' time for these two, they have worked their butt off (proof of that below).

See a sneak peek here and pop in over the weekend if you can to see the place, they definitely won't disappoint and there are gifts for visitors on their opening day! Yus!

The unbakery.

Today I visited Little Bird Organic's Unbakery. Oh what treats there were to be found! I will definitely try to get there next week for breakfast (they have granola with coconut yoghurt, my mouth waters) but in the meantime I took these two delicious treats home. I've already scoffed the heart and now onto the coconut delight, it is heaven in my mouth. Its a vegan friendly spot too with nut cheeses and vegan macaroons!

Thank you Unbakery for opening your doors in a permanent spot. Oh and those are my new-ish pants, they make me happy!



A florist from Barcelona.


A message for Bron.

On her birthday. Have a bloody good one woman.



I wish there was an after shot.

Pranks rule.


If only they were in season. I don't think the frozen ones will be quite the same.

BUT. Look at these. My mouth waters. Recipe here.

Oh dear.

Sometimes life plays you a tough hand.

 But what's there to worry about because it's...



This Saturday one of my flatmates turns 24. Since The Caker is in the US, I thought I might attempt to make her multilayer cake for zee party. Wish me luck!

See the recipe if you'd like to attempt one too here!

Oh dear.

Rifle Paper Co. (on of my favourite stationers) has just released their 2013 calendars. They are all beaut but my heart is set on the Cities Calendar so I can dream all year! And perhaps I need the Garden Calendar too, to keep track of the veges, no?


Just married.

The couch surfer we had a few weeks ago just got married! Congratulation you two!

And this was their cake.

And here he is in our hood.


We've finally booked all our flights!
From here to Beijing (for a whole 19 hours), onwards to Athens and the Greek Islands, to the South of Spain and then a week in Morocco before visiting friends in England and Germany.

I'm very happy to finally meet you Morocco. Please if anyone has any suggestions about anything please post a comment. Shukran.

All photos from 'Morocco' on Pinterest.


Oh how I'd like a toast plate by Charlotte Mei. Just need to find that spare 100 pounds. Genius.



A friend came home from many months abroad. That is always the loveliest thing, probably not for them but for us left lonely.

And I found a big pottle of Valentina (Marthas Backyard on the Mt Wellington Highway is a gold mine!). This stuff on corn chips is the business. To my Mexican friends- yes, yes I paid $5.00 for it.

And it's this incredibly talented lady's birthday. Sending best wishes your way!

Happy Thursdays to y'all.

Beth Hoeckel.

Beth Hoeckel's collages rule. In particular I like these two but drool over all of them. See here whole found paper collages here.


A talented man.

I helped my 'be-oyf' set himself up with a website. You can see all his talents here now if you would like a nosey. He also is part of the White Face Crew, a very clever bunch of boys who do mine/clown style performances, they just got themselves a facebook page. Take a looky if you like.

An amazing map.

Seen on this lovely blog that Frankie recommended taking a look at.

And some lovely maps I just got my hands on. Taranaki and the Bay of Islands.

Please let me know if you fancy either!


Grandpa Mandarin.

He's been living in our fruit bowl for quite sometime by the looks.

Now he lives in the bin.

I keep forgetting.

To tell y'all about this. No doubt all you cool cats have seen it already but if not, ENTER!

The winner is announced today but I hope if you get in early you shall be counted!


The running nose.

It never ceases. But in other news here is dear Rosie with the kiwi I sent her from my wonderful work, Pauanesia.



Of Make Believe's stall at last Sunday's Kraftbomb. It was a delightful easy market after the madness of Saturday. Always a pleasure Kraftbomb!

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