Enjoying my underwear.

It's quite invigorating being able to work in your underpants. Exactly what I'm doing today, avoid mental imagery here.

I'm working on a project for the store I work in, Pauanesia, here in Auckland.

And wanted to share this sweet cup I picked up from an antique store on the weekend.


I think I'm a little slow on the up-take but Anthropologie ships to New Zealand! So I went on thinking I'd make an order in honor of that only to discover I could hardly afford anything. So my Anthropologie wish list is below.

And this beautiful church pew. I'd like this (recovered) in my home. It's on trademe, I'm tempted!

New Way Home.

I had a go at some night/concert photography a weekend or so ago. From the side of the stage, crowded by people and unsure exactly what settings things needed to be on. But I think I managed to get two alright ones. I really want to start doing some photos in the evening for Auckland Street Style, cause I think we (Aucklander's) change dramatically between day and evening wear. Could be quite interesting? Practice, practice. It makes perfect.

Nice things.

Did everyone see the latest Frankie email? Something with a logo like this.

Can do no wrong by me. And especially with products like the one below and a great blog to boot!

And to brighten a night owls evening, some sweet photos from Calle Pompón.

The beauty of Iceland.

Yvan Rodic has recently been in Iceland, or so his visual diary suggests! I really loved the time I spent in Iceland on my trip. An incredibly beautiful and interesting place, full of blonde haired, blue eyed beauties. As you can imagine a Face Hunter's paradise. Some pictures from his visual diary I like and a few of mine.

Yvan Rodic.

Yvan Rodic. Kron shoes! An amazing Icelandic shoe designer.

Yvan Rodic. This wasn't here when I visited, or not that I saw. But this was. Same artist me thinks!

Okay enough, enough.


The Great Cities.

I've started collecting a series of books called The Great Cities. They were published by Time-Life between 1976 and 1981. Time Life gained fame as a seller of book series that were mailed to households each month. I love the covers of this series, the design and find all the photos inside just perfect, coupled with the text I really can imagine being in that city at that time. A wee snapshot.

So far I've collected them from op-shops and second hand book shops, I've got Cairo, Jerusalem, Dublin, Athens and Tokyo, but I just noticed there are 3 lots of the books in bulk for sale on trademe, bid! Ah trademe you are so brill.

See some of the covers below. If anyone spots any in their local opshop please snap it up for me, or let me know where to race to!




Oh Boy.

I saw 'Boy', Taika Waititi's new movie this Saturday. It was incredible and I want to see it again at the nearest convenience. I laughed till my stomach hurt, shed a few tears and then laughed away again. I'm still smiling two days after. Another movie that makes me proud to be a New Zealander, makes me want to flee the city and be a Maori smurf.

You must see it.


To pee.

Some Shakespeare inspired Etsy bits an pieces I've taken a liking to.

Shakespeare finger puppet greeting card.

And something I forgot to mention, the lady who runs this great blog, Auckland Cycle Chic- snapped me on the street a wee while ago and I keep forgetting to report about it. She has the same Yakkay helmut as me! And puts on some really great events.

A bit of a dweeby photo but check out the cycle blog.


New things and news from afar.

A new addition to my flat. A friend and I found it amongst a heap of 'free' things on the side of the road and walked it back home. Not without stopping at a small coffee place and drinking our choices out on the pavement in our new chairs.

And these cushions! I got them at the Kraftbomb just been- where does she get that fabric! Brilliant.

And here is a little snip of what Rosemary is up to in Germany. Oh how I miss her!

And the new addition to my family. Meet Zoë.

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