My mothers.

Two of my four mothers. Mother's Day is coming up folks. Don't forget the one who birthed ya.


That Garage Sale I mentioned.

Yard sale.

Guys! With my emminent departure I have been rather busy packing my life and the packs not big enough. So myself and some friends are holding a Garage Sale in Mt Eden on Saturday morning. From 8am.

This is the 'event' if you use the facebook. Tell your mates!


Best bike snatcher ever.

What do you reckon?


Richard McWhannell.

I had the pleasure of sitting for Richard McWhannell the past few weeks. Here's what he painted. It took about 9 hours and his lovely cat 'Tonk' kept my lap warm for most of it.

Thanks Richard!


Are you reading me?


If you are fan of Mr Murray, I suggest you have a look at this! Olivia Rae James just happens to be his NEIGHBOUR.


I'm very lucky to have such talented friends. A lady dear to me just opened a cafe (with two other lovely folk) in Whangamata, it's called Sixfortysix and it serves all kinds of incredible treats. I suggest popping in for a bite or a coffee when next about the place in Whangamata.

You might see some of my maps there on the walls. I am lucky enough to have them hanging there for the month!


Maps of late.

Just two of the maps I've been doing lately!

A wonderful wedding.

My very talented friend, Alex, is getting married next month and I am rather bloomin' excited about. Especially because I can only imagine how grand an event hosted by herself will be. We just got our invite in the mail. How great is it?

Jess Quinn.

I just found myself in Jess Quinn's Etsy shop. It is so full of goodness I suggest you pop over and have a look yourself.


This post.

By a friend this morning pretty much sums it up for me. Proud.

Last nights vote makes me proud, not out of some false sense of patriotism but that there is some humanity. That one human can see the difference in another human and see it as valid, not threatening, to say your life is as important as mine, the things you hold dear to you are as important as what i hold dear to me. Maybe one day this can flow over to culture and religion and bloodshed can be stopped. Have a good life people, do your thing and it do no harm unto others!


Farewelling blue sky.

For awhile.

Shelbie Dimond.

Bird caller.

I feel like I'd really like one of these for walking in the bush and what not. Not that I do it often but all the same. Hand painted bird callers.

And this rather lovely message tape caught my eye too this morning.


To Rio.

The Sartorialist has been in Rio and soon I will be there too.

I arrive on July 1st. FOR A WHOLE YEAR. My visa arrived back in my passport today, a real thing, in there, that I can see with my own eyes! Please wish me luck, I'm excited and terrified. It will be a mighty adventure.

Brasil, será tão bom ver você de novo.


Some snaps from the most magical weekend in delightful Hawkes Bay.

More to come no doubt but a few for now. We stayed in one of these places on the hill above Tukituki river, a Black Barn Retreat. It was so flippin' great.


Sew Love Tea DO.

A couple of months ago the uber talented Sarah, of Trinty St Loft, asked me if I might be able to help her with a logo for a new enterprise of hers. I jumped on the opportunity and this is what we came up with for Sew Love Tea Do.

Sew Love Tea Do is a mobile workshop that can pop up anywhere - Your community centre, your school, your favourite cafe or even your friends house! We bring the tools so you can have fun, learn some crafty skills, and share some tales over a cuppa.


Bride to Be.

In preparation for my dear friends last big day out as a miss I got this made. I got a whole bunch made in fact, if you know a bride who might like one. Holla!

Mt Eden.

I feel the same When In Auckland. I get you. See this one.



Good lord the time and patience for this one. My favourite part is when he goes under water.

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