Merry Christmas.

Our Christmas.

My best/terrible attempt at heart shaped 'bokeh' below and lovely Richard dressed as snow.

And my flatmate, dressed as Mr Hanky and his giant secret santa gift.

Salvador Dali on "What's My Line?"


Hels bells.

I've been madly making this week. Who needs sleep! But just before I go to bed (at 2am and not because of a envious social life) I thought I'd share some lovely winter looks I found on Hel-Looks. Trying to decided just exactly what I should take to Germany!

Cardigan with denim over the top. So great! And the skirt below is a delight!


The Auckland Art and Craft Market.

A few very quick photos of the Auckland Art and Craft Market on the weekend. It was a roaring success and thank you to everyone who made it!

I managed to do my own spot of shopping here, but not much for Christmas! I bought myself a super necklace from new kids on the block, 'Hydrangea Ranger'. It is so beaut and I will post a picture soon. Lastly, me, hiking it back home with my trolley of goods from the market. It was tough!

Christmas tags.

I made some wee Christmas gift tags for Saturdays market (past) and I'll have them again at the last Kraftbomb for the year this weekend! My mum will be running my stall as I'm rostered on at manic work as well. Thanks Mum!

The Secret Santas are $1.00 each and the other tags come in a pack of 6 for $5, 3 of each design. If you'd like some and can't get to the market. Let me know and I can post them out just in time for Christmas!

A very lovely friend.

Just sent me a very amusing link. The pictures below come from it. See the rest of them here.

Ah, how I love the festive season!


If I ruled the world.

Which then surely would mean I'd have enough money to buy presents AND wrapping paper this Christmas. Then I'd definitely be all wrapped up in this. Wrapping set from KatyDid.

And this made me chuckle today!


More words made from odd things.


Thinking about freezing my fingers off!

I'm not sure I've made a public announcement yet but I have some exciting news. I'm off, on Christmas afternoon to visit dearest Rosemary who I've been missing so much- all the way in freezing Germany. I'm trying to prepare myself, dig out the warmest clothes I have but I'm not sure even those will cut it. I've never known such cold!

I'll be there over New Year, and oh how I wish I could wear something as beautiful as this- am I kidding myself I could wear something so shear in those temperatures?

 Street Peeper.

Etsy finds.


One favourite.

Song heard in Mexico but a Spanish band I believe. More to come.


Hard at work.

I've been hard at work for this! On Saturday. I'm pretty sure it might just be the crafting event of the year!

Hope you can make it. I've got some new things to show-off! Click the poster to see it in full size.

My type of food.

I have a steadily growing love for words made from food. No doubt you've all seen these before but I like to look at them again and again. Although I'm not quite sure where I found them all!


Hey it's!

Danielle! On photographer Craig Owen's lovely jubbly website and she is looking good!


One sweet Jesus and a day in the sun.

Today was a 3 times lovely day at the Devonport Christmas Festival. The rain held off, the sun shined (at least a little bit) and customers were a plenty. And I actually managed to take some photos this time, been getting a little slack at photographing the markets lately.

So some images to share. Below the huge Auckland Local Tours, 'Home is Here' map sold today.

Some new postcards, that read 'A postcard from where I'd quite like to be but sent from right where I am'.

My amazingly delicious Christmas cake cupcake with Jesus on it! From Sweet Surrender!

More postcards and the new invisible bookshelves!

New charms and one London 'Take Me Here' map.

Stall supervisor.

Half eaten Jesus. And the bunting cups below.

I also managed to get some making done. Some Christmas owls waiting patiently for their eyes. And below the sweet Russian doll rattle I bought as a gift.

Frida decided Jesus' head was hers.

And a wee picture of packup.




Another picture of our dining table to show off our sweet bag advent calendar, Your Home & Garden had some lovely DIY Christmas ideas and this was one of them. A hit with the flatmates!

And below some teacups/coffee cups I've been painting for Sunday's Devonport Market. Plus I've been working on a new stall addition. The invisible bookshelf! I hope they are received well, I've had a lot of fun in my grandfathers work shop making them.

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