Some very kind words.

From an awesome girl here. Thanks Katherine!


I was lucky enough to score a media pass for New Zealand Fashion Week through ASS, and so far the week has been mad. Full days, terrifying photography pits, far too many beautiful people and lots of lovely macarons.

And I was lucky enough yesterday to see the beginnings of Sally Shand's collaboration with Ruby! See the sweatshirt below!


B street.

The b street market, market two of my market weekend marathon. Plum wine and pizza was had, plus some lovely cupcakes from the Cupcake Queen, all while sitting on a lovely bunch of miss matching chairs. If only the All Blacks had won!

Fellow marketeers.

Who joined me at the We can create market. I tried my very hardest not to spend a penny, it was not easy! Bliss in a teacup, kutekiwi, bird in a bunny suit, Luu and a lady selling that oh so lovely New Zealand blouse, never thought I'd like to wear New Zealand on my chest quite so badly!

We can create.

And we do!

Some photos of my stall at the We can create market on the weekend. I had a rather lovely spot in the sun, a grand helper and friends come to visit. Twas quite a fine day indeed.

New Acapulco necklaces.

Rifling through the magnet stack.

One lovely helper.

My friends new jewellery brand 'Never Scene', elephant and tiger necklaces.


Trip fund.

See these bad boys this weekend folks. Sorry for the dust.

Things about the place.

Midday sun on Coco Cantina's chairs out front.

Afternoon cake.

Afternoon cat, who's defense mechanism was to stare at things from 3mm away till we left him alone. He was pretty cool.


Mighty macarons.

The only photo I took of Talita's macaron class, on my phone (as if you can't tell!). Really does not do it justice!

Come one, come all.

This weekend I've got two markets to attend, and am investigating the possibility of doing a 3rd! So I hope, with some knuckling down the next two nights, my stall will be bursting. There will even be some new things and some old are making their come back.

Saturday- We Can Create - Lunchtime till 6, unfortunately you can only come looking if you are going to the grand thing.

Sunday- Kraftbomb - It's their third birthday! It will be a cracker. 11 - 2 folks.

Below is a sneak peek at some new bits and then one of the comeback queens. Hope to see you out and about.


Last night.

We turned our kitchen into a fake restaurant, ah the things you have to do when you can't afford the real thing. Though I do think it was much better even if the food was a little salty. My fault!

It's always a nice day.

When you find a note on top of your bed or a cupcake with your name on it in the kitchen.


I just booked my final flight for the Ireland/Nepal whirlwind and made a bit of an error. I thought the flight flew into Dehli from London at 3.30am and out to Kathmandu at 7.30am the same day, turns out no, looks like I'm in Dehli for a day and a night! Slightly frightened as on my own but excited too.

Dehli show me what you got!

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