We dance tonight.

Tonight is our samba parade for Carnaval! So sorry we´ve been missing action, we haven´t been able to upload any photos yet hence no blog posts.

Tonight we dance and sing for 80 minutes down the Sambodromo, we went to the rehearsal on Wednesday night and by god it was hard (and that was only in shorts, a singlet and havaianas, not our ruddy costumes). Our parade starts at 3am, wish us luck!



My friends, they are the greatest.

On Monday night I went out to dinner, to Gina's (yum!), with some of my closest friends. They are the greatest. It was such a lovely night with them requesting the Brazillian chefs to sing me a farewell song (which they did!) and lots of scrumptious pasta.

I was even treated to a leaving gift! You guys really shouldn't have- I love you all so much. Flying out tomorrow. Ah! Is 5 bras and 14 pairs of knickers enough?

The Hydrangea brooch!! Completely chuffed.

And a beautiful laundry bag (perfect for my travels) that they picked up at Kraftbomb.



A visit to Colenso.

I spent the weekend in the Coromandel and it could not have been better, weather wise, company wise and sites wise. All was super.

I got in contact with a guy from New York visiting here through Couchsurfing and invited him along on the journey too, as I figure I best give back to the Couchsurfing community if I expect them to look after me overseas! Hope he enjoyed himself, we loved having you along Joe!

We did all the usual touristy stuff, visited Hot Water Beach (where we met some lovely guys from Argentina, thank you for all your help!), biked through Whitianga, visited Hahei etc. and also found time to go back to our favourite cafe. I highly recommend a stop there if you are in the area sometime soon, just between Tairua and Cooks Beach is a little heavenly place, called Colenso. A small cottage cafe surrounded by beautiful gardens and seats in the sun. Bliss.

Hydrangeas for Africa.

Sweet Colenso's washing line.

Strolling through their orchard.


To new places we shall go.

There's a funny feeling in my tummy. This great Rob Ryan cutout piece helped me identify the cause of it a little. I am worried about leaving, but worrying doesn't solve anything- so get on with it, get packing and do it!

I also have one rather burnt bottom, trying to prepare for these 'g-string bikinis' I keep hearing about. Ouch!


Thank you.

Today it is just 7 days till we leave, it feels like I have been saving forever and soon will be able to see the fruits of my labour! And perhaps get to splurge a little here and there, perhaps even on these lovely Bakers shoes. Mmm.

Thank you all so much for the great suggestions for more gifties. Getting almost all that was suggested is on the list of things to do this weekend as well as spending the weekend away with friends. Hopefully it will be a nice peaceful time before the madness that will be next week no doubt. I've spent the past two days with a throbbing arm from our vaccinations so will be nice to truely relax.

Enjoy the long weekend!



I just got a message from the lovelies at Urubbu today about their beaut new line of cards. They feature the art of a Brazilian illustrator, Geraldo Valerio, and I think they are grand (and topical with trip looming! 9 days!). Some of my favourites are below but you can view the whole catalog online here.

And they come in textured linen envelopes. Oo doesn't that sound nice!


More hydrangea love.

So pretty, I wish I had some free money (that's not aside for travel) to pick up this sweetie from Felt Good, on Toggle.

Since I already bought one brooch today- I can't really justify it!

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