On one of our last days in the city of Salvador before heading back to Rio, Rosie and I tracked down a wee junk shop some America ladies we met in Lencois had told us about. They were trying to describe to us where a lovely wee cafe was over looking downtown and the sea, just up the hill past Pelorinho, and mentioned that it was close to a junk shop. Both our ears pricked up. We made it our mission to find it!

After more than a few moments of feeling lost we finally found the beauty. Until then I hadn't come across anything remotely similar to a thrift or junk store in Brasil, I was suffering withdrawls. Have a looky.

Monica, a famous Brasilian comic. I picked up just a few goodies but they have been sent off in an envelope as a gift to someone so no pictures sorry!

If anyone is heading to Salvador soon and would like to hunt this place down. Head down the Pelorinho hill, going away from the elevator towards the suburb of Barbalho. Head up the next hill and just keep following the main road round till you hit it. The little cafe is on your left just before the junk shop. It's definitely worth a look. You can't go wrong with an ice cold Guarana overlooking the sea. Bliss.


1001 things to see before you die.

I wasn't able to access all the photos from my camera when I did the post about the Iguacu falls, so here is a mini update. Two of my favourite shots that show the grandness of this place.

It truely deserves it's spot in 1001 things to see before you die.

The top shot is from from Argentina side and the bottom on the Brazil side.

The movie of the year.

How did I not know about this till now! A Where the Wild Things Are movie? I might just die of excitement before the end of the year. See Amber's post on Code for Something for all the incredible images from the set.

The street art of Lencois.

While strolling the streets of Lencois last week Rosie and I came across two great pieces of street artwork. A few streets away from eachother but clearly by the same person- and both perfectly complete and beautiful. I thought they would be a nice thing to share with y´all.

Our guide from our tour of the national park, Jaime, gave us his email contact, as everyone knows everyone in the small town I´m going to see if he can get to the bottom of the talented man or woman behind the work. Will update if I do.

Hope you enjoy the work as much as I did. x


The real Lencois.

It turns out I should not rely so heavily on a quick glance at Google Images to get an idea of a place. The image found was of Lençois Maranhenses (also in Brasil) but not Lençois, Bahia. However Lençois, Bahia turned out to be every bit as beautiful for me. A small town, with such friendly people and amazing natural beauties to see in the surrounding National Park. I wish we could have stayed longer.

Two days is not enough for Lençois, Bahia, a place little town 6 hours from Salvador that really truely does look like this.


Lencois and Pup tees.

In the next few days Rosemary and I are taking a bus to Lencois in Bahia, Brasil. We have heard so many amazing things about the place from the locals here and it´s only about 4 hours from Salvador where we are currently staying with friends. This picture just sealed the deal. Lencois it is!
Lencois, Brasil.

And another thing worth noting (seeing) is the collaboration between Alyson Fox and Mociun. I am loving this Pup tee and Le Train Bleu just got it in stock as well as a whole bunch of other goodies worth checking out here. The shoes, the dresses, the cups. Oh my!

Alyson Fox & Mociun Pup Tee


Open for business.

Market Publique has opened it´s doors! Ah! And at just about the worst time for me, will have to wait it out till I get home but oh how I wish I could snap up this dress.

Pop over and have a look!


Cou Cou.

Awhile back I came across the blog of a little shop named Cou Cou in Buenos Aires. The shop seemed to carry everything any girl could ever wish for so when we touched down in the city Cou Cou was definitely on my to see list.

It was in Palermo, which is a nice area to shop we discovered. Palermo is also home to a lot of street art, street markets and sweet cafes too. It was a very hot day and were happy to discover Cou Cou has a superb air conditioning system as well as everything else! The store was so great, I could have bought almost everything in it and the girl sat embroidering at the counter (picture perfect!).

Oh Cou Cou you definitely lived up to everything I hoped you would be. I fell in love and I walked away with a pretty ´Hola!´Gocco printed card and a sweet silver ring and elastic ring. Wrapped in fabric and packed in a brown paper bag with doily! Sigh.

If you haven´t already, see Cou Cou´s blog here.

The elastic and silver message rings below and above in the bag!


We need to get a little better at this, I am sorry for neglecting the blog but with so many people to keep in touch with and get in touch with while we are travelling it´s difficult to fit everything in. Particulary when other hostelers are leering over your shoulders hoping for you to finish. However I am going to from now on, make the up most effort to update and inform via here.

We have just spent the past 4 days in Foz du Iguacu, on the edge of Brasil, bordering Paraguay and Argentina. The Iguacu Falls live here and we have spent time visiting them from both sides. My my it is a site that is to be seen at least once if not more in a lifetime. The falls are made up of over 275 individual waterfalls, with most of them falling on the Argentina side but the biggest Devil´s Throat is half on the Brasil side and half on Argentina´s. Unfortunately Paraguay don´t get to claim any of the falls beauty as they are just down the road at the end of the Iguacu river.

In the park around the falls we managed to catch a glimpse of a pair of toucans, saw hummingbirds and more butterflys than I have ever seen in my life. This place it is incredible.

Just part of the falls.

A fellow boatman, in his underwear?

The butterflys.


A very belated Valentines post.

This year I spent Valentine's Day away from my sweetheart, but luckily Buenos Aires put on a good show. I wasn't quite quick enough with my camera but here is the aftermath of hundreds of red heart balloons being set off from the Obelisk in the middle of town.

Quite a site.

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