I'm going under.

Started to get a niggle of a cold thanks to burning the candle at both ends. Not recommended.

Loveliness by Jill Greenberg.



For a few months now I've been thinking of making and selling healthier than most (as healthy as I can possibly make them) popsicles here in Rio on the beach. Finally I got a kick up the behind from some friends (who are opening a cafe next week, La Furgoneta, most exciting) when they decided one day to advertise their cafe on the beach by selling fresh juices.

Now I'm 3 weekends of selling in- 3 successes and 1 fail (wrong target market, everyone was looking for popsicles with alcohol in them, I stashed my bag and got on the drinking band wagon with them instead!) and one private order of 18 popsicles!

The wee enterprise is called Palitos (because in português it means little wooden stick and Olive Oyl, Popeye, in português is called Olivia Palito) and you can find out more about it here. Some teaser pictures below and one snapped of me (this ones for my Dad, Hi Dad!) by a lovely lady last weekend right after I'd sold out.

New view.

At work. One day we'll have a garden wall there and I will miss the Zerezes scribble.

Zucchini spaghetti.

For most of my life I hated zucchini but finally my tastebuds have accepted this lovely green.

This zucchinish gif is great and this recipe looks it too!


I wish.

This bad boy would pop up as a friendly reminder every 37 minutes on my computer. By this young jerk.


What we have here.

Is great legs and a tent dress.

From here.



Yesterday I found all the courage I could and headed to the beach with a friend to sell her delicious juices (Cafe La Furgoneta) and my very own homemade popsicles. I sold out in an hour! Mind you I only made almost 30. It was way more fun than I thought it would be, and was good practice for my portuguese.

In all the rush to get to the beach before the ice and popsicles melted I forgot my camera so only have this one photo taken with my phone.

Until next weekend! (with camera in hand)


Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful, endlessly talented woman I know!

Sweet cake from Bleubird.


Fiji time.

My mum and uncle, being young and awesome in Fiji. They lived there when they were kids.

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