All mapped out.

Just a few quick photos I took of the maps I've worked on this week before I sent them off to State of Grace. They'll be in store tomorrow. Plus there will be more at Kraftbomb THIS Sunday, phew, got it right this time! And a larger suprise.

A dying art.

So incredibly beautiful and time consuming. I hope these guys hold onto this dying art. It's quite long but well worth the watch if you have the time. My favourite part is the montage of the faded painted murals around the city.

UP THERE from The Ritual Project on Vimeo.


I'm in.

I was just notified that I got in to this. The Auckland Art and Craft Fair.

Yeehoo. A celebratory bowl of apple crumble at 10am is in order. Hope to see everyone there, it will be quite the extravaganza I imagine!

And because a post feels incomplete without a photo- some lovely jam jars, a photo taken by Paul Barbera who's amazing work I found thanks to The Little Look See.


Rio etc.

If you have been reading for a wee while you will already know I have a bit of a Brasilian obsession. Tonight I found a Rio street style blog, a good one! It's called Rioetc. Brasil definitely has it's own style, it's very different to our own, for starters a lot more colour, a lot. I don't think I'd wear half the things they do but I'm loving looking.

I've been sitting here trying to read the text that goes with each message- I see so many words I've learnt but am obviously a hopeless student because I'm getting all confused about what each one means!

And how great is this! Multi-colour eye shadow- she makes it look cool.


A little bit.

Some of the map cutout's I've done this week. One is a custom order and the other is heading to the State of Grace store in Kingsland.

And a note about a great new wee coffee shop on Cross St. That street is really turning into something I tell you! Support it otherwise we'll loose it! It's called Little B and it's a little b-it great.


Papel picado.

And while on the topic of Mexico. 

The paper flags, papel picado, still make my day! 

An Absolut World.

Some of my dear friends are heading back home to Mexico this weekend. Their year visas are up. It's sad. One of them fell head over heels for New Zealand and told me he has mixed emotions about returning home so I made him a parody shirt. Hm I'm not sure if parody is quite the right word. Knock-off?

A while ago they showed me this Absolut ad that caused quite a riot at the time it was released.

A bit of info about it below if you're interested taken from Strange Maps.

'Large swathes of the western US used to be part of Mexico. In 1836, American settlers proclaimed the independence of Texas, formally a Mexican territory. The US annexation of Texas in 1845 prompted the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), after which Mexico was forced to cede 525,000 square miles of territory (42% of its pre-war territory, 12% of the US’s current territory).

Mexico didn’t have much choice: a US army occupied Mexico City, and the alternative was total annexation. The Mexican Cession consisted of the territories of Alta California and Nueva Mexico, out of which were eventually formed the US states of California, Nevada and Utah, and parts of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

In this ‘absolut’ version of the world, the US and Mexico are about the same size. As gratifiying as it might be for Mexicans to see the loss of Texas and the Mexican Cession be reversed, this map managed to offend so many Americans that it prompted Absolut Vodka to release a statement:

'This particular ad, which ran in Mexico, was based upon historical perspectives and was created with a Mexican sensibility. In no way was this meant to offend or disparage, nor does it advocate an altering of borders, nor does it lend support to any anti-American sentiment, nor does it reflect immigration issues. Instead, it hearkens to a time which the population of Mexico may feel was more ideal.'

So here is my version of his Absolut world, where New Zealand is a little closer to home. 

My stencil fell apart a little when printing, you can see the paper in the A's which I hope will wash off! Oops.



Crikey business, I'm a bit ahead of myself. Next Kraftbomb is the next weekend! Not this!

Las nuevas fridas!

The new mexican crafts of a good friend. 

I hope there will be some on my stall at this weekends Kraftbomb. Don't miss out!

Swiss Army bike.

Its funny how strange things seem to pop up at the same time. Like these old Swiss Army bags. It was only a few weeks ago that I popped my head into the Army Surplus Store here on K Rd and spotted these bad boys thinking they might be the perfect addition to the sides of my bike.

Then this morning I was going through some old Etsy Finds that I didn't have the chance to flick over on receiving and there they are , adorning another bike!

I think that cements it. Too much of a coincidence. Get on my bike now. Please.


Goodbye friend.

My very good friend, Steve Grant, is leaving today.. well tonight.

I will miss him dearly. But only another reason to add to my long list of why I should travel. He's off, with a one way ticket to London to make some sort of nest for himself, but first he's holidaying in just about everywhere in Europe. Good luck Steve!

Now the saving starts.

Top photo: Roboxley


Take me to Ryantown!

Some more things to share this lovely Sunday. It's so nice to not have a market to dash to!

Have a look at WishWishWish's photos from her trip to Ryantown at the Pick Me Up Graphics Art Fair. I 'wish wish wish' I could have gone too!

And Jak&Jil's incredible photos of the Dion Lee show at RAFW.

Nice things.

A few lovely bit on etsy.

This arrow ring. By Miju.

These beautiful hand embroidered necklaces. From Maranon. I love her header too!

Happy Mothers Day.

Happy Mothers Day! To everyone.

The Whitcoulls store window, Queen St.

And one slightly confused post-it.

And I photo my friend took, I love the stacked guys. Was wondering how they got up so high!

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