James Cotton

He's been dealing with the devil and it sounds pretty darn good.



It's been a while blog, but I've finally stumbled upon something worth sharing. More soon one hopes.

Unravel is a short documentry (just 14 minutes of your time) about the women and men who recycle the clothes thrown away from the West deep in India's industrial interior. The women talk about how it must be so expensive to wash clothes in the West, otherwise there is no explanation for throwing out clothes worn once of twice. It definitely got me thinking. I hope it gets you too!

Find the video here.


So many dollars

So many dollars needed to buy these delights.

431 and 294. In my next life.


Life on mars

It's tough out there.
Seu Jorge / Life on Mars


This beauty.

On Rioetc. So great.

Tucum and the pulseira

Here in Rio de Janeiro, up on the hill of Santa Teresa there is a tiny store called Tucum that stocks all kinds of brilliant products, most of which is designed and produced by the indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

One of my favourite products from this wee shop is the pulseira, a kind of thick bead bracelet with no stretch.

Here is how to wear it.

Pulseiras / Tucum . Video / HULA


This ol' lady of mine.

It's hard to be so far from you!


Old new Backstreet.

Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox. Basically any popular song jazzed up. What's not to like?

It's been so long. But I'm still here!
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