One day a very lovely and talented lady called Helen came to my house to interview me for a documentary she was making about creative types in Auckland. And now it's done.

And you can watch it here. Excuse me scratching my arm- gross.



How far exactly is 15km? Quite far right? I remember at primary school they told us from our classroom to the McDonalds was 1km and I've kept that as my gauge ever since. So to the classroom and back, a good few times I guess. Not too bad- I think I can make it, plus it means I get to pedal my way across the Harbour bridge and that seems pretty grand.

If you have a bike you should sign up too! It's all for a good cause, the TelstraClear Challenge is in support of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation - Auckland and so far its raised $45, 231, my $65 entry fee included. It could be $45, 296 if you signed up. Why not right?

Photo from here.


Two posts.

Because that last one was being painful with all the images. Some lovely fan-tastic greeting cards.

Hope to see you at a market, or two!

A wee look.

At some of the things I've been working on. All to be at this weekends Kraftbomb and the markets beyond!

Bunting painted sweet bowls.
Bunting teacups.
Tube necklaces, in a variety of colours!
New feathered cups.
Our sleep mountains badges, Mt Cook.
Our sleep mountains badges, Mt Cook.
Index page decorations.

Scary secret santa gift tags.


Five things I'm thankful for.

A good egg once told me to be thankful for 5 things, every now and again.

Christmas. It's coming.

My dad always says 'Christmas is coming!' even on Boxing Day. And he's right! But now it's coming a lot faster than it feels in January. Only a few weeks! I've made a pledge to only buy handmade, or from small independent companies this year or of course make my own gifts (bar one thing which I had already bought, oop) My own little way of joining the Occupy movement (though I am still hoping to camp a night in Aotea Square because I don't know when I'd next get the chance to do that!).

Anyway- if you'd like to do the same here are some fabbo events coming up to get your shop on at.

Kraftbomb. The original and always awesome Auckland Craft Fair.
There's one this Sunday and then another for those last minute presents on the 18th of December.
11 - 2pm at the Grey Lynn Community Centre.

The Devonport Craft Market. Their special outdoor Christmas Market runs along side the Devonport Christmas Festival (think Santa Parade and music) and is always a delightful day.
Next Sunday the 4th of December from 10 - 3pm in the park by the ferry building!

And then the big kahuna of markets. The Auckland Art and Craft Fair in Aotea Centre, still charging its donation entry but always worth it. On Saturday 10th December from 11am to 3pm.

I'm working on lots of new things for them. Let's hope it all comes together. Sneak peek of one below!

Marina + Andy


Tea and sweets.

And lots and lots of painting, all for the upcoming markets. There will be a few sweet bowls and many teacups plus some new things in the pipe line.


Grey lynn.

Lovely ladies and fun in the sun in Grey Lynn this past Saturday.

I hope everyone got to enjoy some sun this weekend. Hello summer, please stick around.


Pink limbs.

I've had my eye on these pants on etsy for awhile now and finally they are mine! I cannot wait to meet them (and find appropriate underwear).


My movember heros from Beard.

The early years.


A wee bit lovely.

Shooting in the garden.

This new job of mine. It's quite nice. Happy Thursday everyone!


It feels like there isn't enough time to sleep. But hey,


Hello sunshine.

I've started working from home a lot, and with weather like this it's not too bad. Not too bad at all! I hope everyone is getting a little bit of sun this week. See you at the Grey Lynn Festival this Saturday?


Something new.

Trying something new. This one will be with me at the Devonport Market this coming weekend!


An icecream pie.

I made this last night, to complement the first meal cooked in a new flat and it went down a treat. I saw the picture a week ago and couldn't stop thinking about it - my sugar tooth was squealing with joy. It was so easy to make too except my fingers went a little numb dealing with the icecream. Here's the official drool worthy picture- and my attempt below it.

Here's the recipe if you think it looks as good as I did!

I used passionfruit syrup instead of extract (who on earth stocks that for under a million dollars?) and used Nestle Highlander Sweetened Condensed Milk - Caramel instead of Dulce de Leche. Plus some gluten free ginger biscuits for the base as I wanted my dear gluten free friend to enjoy too! 

I also scored big time (I thought!) yesterday on a wee op shop trip. Two pretty blouses, one silk electric blue and the other a light white cotton with star collar, a light white pull over for summer with some cutout detail and some very very metallic high heels. All for $20! Yus!

And I got some map orders finished. Phew. Hello weekend!

A little help!

I've entered a wee photography competition for Phonak. It's a competition to do with photography that shows sound, they are a hearing aid company!

This is my photo. If you like it, please vote for me here, I hope it's easy enough to find, named 'that ringing in your ears' in the music category. It's all done by facebook 'likes' so please click click click away.

Thank you so very much!


A wee break.

I went on a wee road trip (so wee we were there and back within 24 hrs) to the Coromandel this past weekend. It was two good friends birthdays and we celebrated them both. A few pictures of the adventure below, including Coroglens awesome community garden.

Happy Birthday ladies!

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