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Shoes are not the only things Tom's sell through their online store. You can also buy tshirts and this lovely FEED bag which would be a great supermarket shop bag.
The bags are a pricey $65 each but not only do you get a great tote each FEED bag sold will provide a school year of meals for one child in need and give them the hope of an education and a regular meal. Whether you tote your FEED bag to school, work, play, or shop, remember that your bag helped to FEED and educate one child for one school year! All that and it's reversible!


When your feeling down look at..

Some Tamar Mogendorff toys to brighten your day.


tea for two

I just recieved my package from Teaforte (based in Christchurch) and ridiculously quick! Good old PBT couriers. I found them thanks to Victoria n' Bird (a fantastic NZ designer who is stocked in Swonderful).
Everything is absolutely beautiful and lovely Michelle popped in two samples for me to try as I haven't tried their product before and what I ordered is for a gift. I will definately be coming back for more. The idea for Teaforte was dreamt up by renowned American designer, Peter Hewitt and now has stockist and sellers all over the whole- the New Zealand branch is particulary great.

Even if the tea was ghastly I think I'd still buy more just to see more of their great packaging- but not to my suprise the tea is just as delicious. I got to try Flora and Ginger, there are so many others.

Have a look at their site to see all the flavours and other bits and pieces you can buy. I really want the teacup with the lid that just lets the leaf show.

Thank you so much Michelle.


one of us

I thought I would write little bit about one of us today. Rosemary. She is an especially talented menswear designer and I've been bugging her for some special photos of her work for the blog but she's been busy- so in the mean time these will do. They are some Lomo fish eye shots, one of our friends took on the real shoot.

one quick word for a little hut

We love your boxes for boys.

And better than buying them, Patricia sells the templates on her site for only a few dollars.
See more of Patricia's handy paper work on her blog.

On another note, I had to post out some embroidery to a company on Peachgrove Lane today at work. Made me stop and think, what a lovely street that must be to have such a pretty name.


yet another reason to visit NY


And thanks to a shop review I discovered that Steven Alan sells some of their stuff online. I think I'll have to hold out for the sales unfortunately.


top five

My top Five... (thanks Gin!)

1. Toms Shoes- It's been ages since I've visited Tom's website and it's had a pleasant revamp, (not that it wasn't brilliantly designed in the first place) there is just so much more to see. I've decided that I'm going to go do an internship at their headquarters in Santa Monica next year when I head off on my O.E. (overseas experience for those of you not from Oz or NZ). Although I really wanted to do an intership in NY I think this will be better for my soul and a lot of fun (living in dorm rooms!).

2. The Satorialist- I think I've probably missed the bus on this blog as it has already been selected as one of Time Magazine's top 100 design influences. I've only just discovered this blog myself and I love how it's so clean and the 'street' images Scott Schuman takes are amazing. Wish my snaps looked half as good as his. I also love how he doesn't focus the blog solely on New York City, that there are constantly images popping up of people from all over the world.

3. The Dieline- A great site for beautiful packaging. Who wouldn't want to drink wine from such a great bottle. This one definately brings out the graphic designer in me- I only found this one this morning thanks to Oh Joy! but it is love at first site.

4. Mandarins- Can't get enough of them. I will eat 10 in one sitting, literally. There is nothing better than a Kwan mandarin in the height of the season (particularly a cold one, fridge them- they taste soo good!).

5. Ratatat- I've been a fan of these guys for a long time thanks to a good friend who introduced them to me a few years ago. They have a new album coming out which I'm excited about as you don't really catch them on the radio, you're not over it before it arrives. Above is a nice picture from their tour, you can see more on their site.


Miss Peach- - I pass the top 5 to you.


The nice bits at Rockett St. George

Some products from the lovely Rockett St. George... and a fire hydrant.


two artists I love.

The very talented Anna Emilia. Unfortunately she has no online shop as of yet- but you can commission work if you love it as much as I do, contact her via her email.

And the wonderful work of Katy Horan. Katy has an etsy shop selling prints and originals, and other bits and pieces for those of us on a tighter budget. The card above is called the Owl Lady- suits me just fine I think.
Hope you enjoy their work as much as I do.
Have a super day.


a black apple doll

I made my first Black Apple Doll on the weekend for sweet Lilly's first birthday, and I think it went down a treat.. it's hard to tell at that age. The doll was so quick and easy to make, and looked pretty cute considering I miss sewed the arm- its a little bung. You can find the very easy to follow pattern on Martha. You can see it in the bottom left corner below- tossed on the floor with the rest of the toys. Oh how I wish I was a kid again!

See the Anemone bunny below too!

And a big thank you to Annette from Nut and Bee, she bought a wee owl at Craftwerk and loved it so much she popped this picture on her blog. So glad you like it!

Have a great Tuesday.



What a weekend it has been. Craftwerk and wee Lilly's 1st birthday. I thought I would post up a bunch of photos for those of you who weren't able to get out to the Pakauranga venue this time and share some of my purchases on the day.

Our neighbours to our left, Jellybones. I bought one of their 'Hug Me' badges and for only $8, what a bargain. And a red gummy bear necklace for the boyfriends nieces birthday coming up this week.

More of Jellybones awesome stuff (and great prices).

Our (half) stall this time. With friend Jess who made some wonderful Mothers Day and birthday cards for the stall too.

Our neighbour, the other half of the stall, Lindsay of Rekindle.

She makes the most beautiful bangles from old teacups- Jess and I couldn't resist so got one each. And we both eyed up the heart around her neck (made from the teacups handles, genius).

The one I chose.

Lindsay also made these ceramic bowls in her last year of her degree and was selling them for $30! So I picked one up too for my mum for Mothers Day (this coming Sunday- don't forget!).

Some of the other stalls we loved. Deborah Resnicks felt branch pendants and brooches above and Sam Ducker-Jones wonderful handmade finger puppets below- I love the green one with his teeth showing. Really regretting not getting him.

And some brill screenprinted cork placemats.

The shirt I bought for a friend, a (very late) christmas present. Designed and printed by the talented Anti-Fashion League.

And lucky Jess got this sweet little money box for $2 from the vintage stall.

There were so many other wonderful stalls, Nut and Bee and Anemones baby bits are always big winners with me and a great stall selling giant watties can pillows and other fascinating things. Thank you Craftwerk, you always look so good.


craftwerk and a new bike.

Over the weekend I purchased a new bike.. (or a new-old bike?)- and its a beaut. A blue Raleigh- made in Napier at Morrison in the 60s with lots of lovely English parts. With a bell and a white tyre pump attached. So far he has only been round the block with me as I don't have a helmet. I would like to find an attractive one.. is this possible? If any one knows of any great stockists of helmets and pretty baskets please let me know! xx

This saturday (tomorrow) is Craftwerk. One of our favourite times of the year. This time its at the Te Tuhi Summer Market (summer?). 13 Reeves Rd, Pakuranga and there is even a free bus to it leaving at 1.30 from Artspace, 300 K rd so you have no excuse not to come see us. And as always the Craftwerk folk have organised some great bands to entertain us too. The Spoils (all the way from Melbourne), Seth & Merle (all the way from Wellington), Ryan Cardno (from right here in Auckland) and Too Many Cats (performing on the Art Bus out there). Brilliant. Hope to see you there.
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