The audience.

If you have a spare minute, pop over here and listen to some music, actually just listen to Night Swimmer by Watercolours because it is a dream and then give it a vote if you'd be so kind. It's battling it out for 1st place (to win some funds)and I think it more than deserves it. Watch the lovely Chelsea Jade and band in action below.

There's only a few days left. You can vote daily and your vote counts!



These balls are truly blissful, and the recipe made 40! I will be chewing on these for weeks.

Thanks Alex O (see the recipe here on her blog) a very talented lady who also frequents the Devonport Art and Craft Market like me!


On things like maps and other things. And wracking (is this the word?) my brain for London based Hen celebration ideas. Any suggestions anyone? There will be no veil covered in condoms at this one, think bicycles and teacups.

What else is there to do on a rainy Tuesday?


Ollie the cat.

My new love.

Look at him smile! There is a whole blog devoted to the beauty here.


Tri-colour gosling.

Anyone know where I can get a shirt like Goslings?

Thanks Jezebel.



Lots of things at the moment are being 'finally' done. This is one of them. That post I promised on the Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies easy as pie recipe.

You can see the darn thing here.

And in other news- I often lust after the many things Bona Drag have for sale, and that the moment through Refinery29 you can buy a $60 voucher that entitles you to $120 worth of credit. Now how about that.


It's small but it's there.

Down this funnel of leaves you might just be able to see the beginnings of a broccoli head. My gardens first. I did a little jig when I saw it.

And this morning the backyard had a very beautiful visitor. Hello friend.

Finally framing.

I'm finally framing these beauties, I bought one at each of the last Auckland Art and Craft Fair's and I am very fond of them. Finally they have found a real proper home.

Nom nom.

There are two things I like in this world very much.

Having lunch with my grandparents. And having lunch with a dear friend who is a whizz in the kitchen, you know who you are! (she has the Little and Friday cookbook, nom nom nom)



Maps, maps, maps.

I've got to try stay on this roll. I also bought some new screens for me gocco today- in slow preparation for the up coming Auckland Art and Craft Fair. New postcards shall appear and hopefully a few other things!

Kat Lagerfeld.

Needs no introduction. By the talented Larissa Haily Aguado.

Tilde and Gavin.

This wedding looks like a real dream.

Hey Katherine.

I think this photo of you is awesome.

Have a chipper day.

Sweet mornings.

Thanks to the lovely ladies selling jams at this past Kraftbomb. The next Kraftbomb is right around the corner (Sunday June 24th) and I hope they might be back, since my Rhubarb and Strawberry jam is nearly empty!

Fond of.

This Garrison bag. Winter session make a whole bunch of lovely things.

To do list.

This is something that really must be done. Like these guys folks if you agree because it's loss would be a mighty mighty shame.


Nom nom.

I went along to Area 51 in Newmarket today for 'Coffee and Cake'.

There were slices of The Caker's 'Lonely Garden Cake', a lemony almond cake with rose water cream, pistachios, candied rose petals and turkish delight, and not wee ones either- proper slices! It was good, darn good. If you need a cake for an up coming event order this one, you won't regret it. Or any of The Caker's cakes infact!

Two things.

Seen on foureyes, that I like quite a lot.

Sea creature pants! And KW stacked rings, never thought of that. It looks delightful.


Of Paul Fusco.

Same series. Amazing. So long Bobby.


In a blink.

This will be what two dear friends lives look like for 10 weeks in just 3 weeks.

My jealousy level is deathly. Enjoy ladies!

Sold out.

Oh it's such a pain when wonderful things sellout before you get to them. I'd really like this photo set to hang on my wall from 20x200 but alas the affordable 8x10 are already all gone. I don't think I can cough up for the 11x14's with Europe on the horizon, plus those bad boys are almost sold out too!


These photos were taken by Paul Fusco, on the train carrying Robert F. Kennedy from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City to his final resting place in Washington, D.C.

"For Paul, the event and the photographs represented the end of hope. To me they represent the indomitability of the American spirit." James Danziger, The Year in Pictures.
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