Blissfully wed.

This. Might be the best wedding I've ever seen. What do ya reckon?


Design Files.

Does all kind of wonderfulness. A pop up home, it's genius. I wish I could have visited.

Here is a taste.

The Design Files Open House ! from The Design Files on Vimeo.

Too early?

For chocolate? I think not!


A huge Splore photo essay to follow.


A Taste of Vietnam from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.



So I didn't quite end up looking like Carmen Miranda, and I didn't get a full outfit shot to share. I looked like a kind of Frida Kahlo strawberry and here's the only shot to help the description.

Splore was amazing. I highly highly highly recommend going if you are ever wavering. The best! More pictures to come soon to show you what it was all about.

Help Boy take over the world.

Pledge them some money on kickstarter! Pledges start at $1 and you know it's worth it you egg.

I'm sure many of you would agree that Boy is a little winnner of a film. It's charming, heartfelt, funny, understated and so much more. One year since it came out and director Taika Watiti has a new dream, a dream so big he needs your help in making it a reality.

Boy is due to be released in the United States in March and will be going head to head with the sea of blockbusters and rom coms they have to offer. As you can imagine, promotion in such a big land does not come cheap.

Send Taika some cash to help out!


I'm off!

To Splore this weekend folks! And this Island of Hooha dress up has been doing my head in but! Finally I've found my inspiration.

Carmen Miranda!



A note.

To my Valentine.

Yes to that.

If you can this will be one bloomin' lovely evening in a bloomin' lovely spot. I so wish I could be there. Visiting these lovely ladies asap!

And I hear if you RSVP on facebook, you can win a $150 voucher. Ah, yes please.


A friendly reminder.

About tomorrow! The Browser boys are locked in. I'm on lemonade making tonight (amongst a zillion other things, oh dear) and it looks like there will be a few showers but that won't deter us! I have a porch. This bad boy even has a facebook event page, we've made it!

Thanks Katherine, for spreading the word. It's true, you are awesome. Have a look at the other lovely sales in tomorrow in her Garage Sale Guide.


The Good Years.

Just finished this lovely map, all ready for pick up.

And found some more bits a pieces for the yard sale! High waisted denim shorts (that no longer fit) and some gold lace up shoes (that never have fit, who was I kidding! my feet are not that small). Right I'm off! To see TinTin!

New walls.

Need new art right? And if not I'm getting myself something practical at least.

This bad boy, from Chelsea Dyer will be one of the first things to go in my new room.

The hat has spoken.

The Bag O' Goodies is all yours Abigail!

This weekend.

I'm selling my things in my front yard. If you've got nothing better to do, come along and sip some lemonade and look through my lot. There will be designer, vintage and 'regular' heh heh clothes and a bunch of other things I've hoarded along the way- plus I'll have a little table of Make Believe things. The things, they will be cheap. Cheap I say!

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