Another world.

In honour of the new X-files movie... which I don't intend to see. Is there life out there? hehe. Geek.


Ply Textiles do nice things with old jumpers.

Some of the nice things Ply Textiles are doing with old wool sweaters. The cushions are so great. Ply are based in Chicago and make these beauties are made by hand. I'll take one please!
Perhaps I should send the scraps from making hotwater bottle covers off to them- I've always thought it's such a waste to throw them out!


My Anything Jar

Thanks to a lovely lunch at Circus Circus (Mt Eden, Auckland) and an op shop actually open on a Saturday?! I have aquired my anything jar. And I love it to bits.


Craft 2.0

After a cancelled flight and a early morning wake up call, the boyfriend and I finally made it to Wellington (and Craft 2.0) last Saturday. It was super! As well as a great day at the New Dowse, we visited friends and were treated to some great stores and cafes (thanks to their local knowledge).

Gin (from Papercup) and our stall went really well. Thank you to everyone who came. And thank you to Craft 2.0 and the New Dowse for wowing me with your organisation skills.

Some pictures of our stall below!

Lastly, my purchase of the day.

Thank you Gin and Rom for putting us up and putting up with us too! :)



"Cloche", French for "bell-shaped" describes this snug fitting cap worn low over the ears. Lizarietz, Etsy for another talented seller doing something delightfully different. Her Cloche hats are made from a variety of luxury fabrics and can be made to fit even the strangest of headshapes.

Lizarietz also sells great womenswear too and has her own store Liza Rietz and a Broken Spoke in Portland, Oregon. But her hats are my favourite and the boyfriend just purchased the black Cloche for his mum- I can't wait to see it in the flesh.

Loving this.

I swear I have something similar to this dress in my dress-up box. Perhaps not quite as beautiful or intricate but I think it might be time to whip it out and give it a Peter Pan hem.

The dress above is from Lover's Winter 07 collection (bit behind the times but hey!) and below some niceness from their Spring/Summer 08-09 range. I am really liking their light weight jackets.


Mini Preview

Craft 2.0 is looming and I'm excited but now am getting a bit frantic too. Time management is not something you'd list as one of our attributes.. ever.

Our friends, Papercup, were interviewed as one of the sellers at this Craft 2.0 and we (at the last minute, suprise suprise) have joined them. You can check out the interview here and there some beaut pictures of what you'll find on our stall.

Hope you can make it!


Craft 2.0

Craft 2.0
July 19th
11am till 3pm
The New Dowse

This weekend I'm flying down to the windy city, Wellington, to join Ginny of Papercup on a stall at Craft 2.0. I'm excited to say the least. We've been doing Craftwerk, Auckland for nearly a year now so it will be great to meet everyone at Craft 2.0 and see how Wellington respond to our things, as well as have a bit of a holiday.

Suprisingly I'm (almost) on top of everything that I wanted to have finished for Saturday and this time we will have a good variety of things as well as the owls. The hedgehogs will be making their debut!

So hopefully those close by will be able to pop in and say hello. Look for fringed brunettes!


News from Spain.

My dad is travelling around Spain at the moment and a few days ago he ran with the bulls in Paploma. He said the run is reasonably easy if you keep at least 2,000 runners between you and the bulls. 'The secret (if you are an old guy like me) is to be with the runners at the front - furthest from the bulls, you reach the bull ring almost before you can see the bulls approaching.'

He said there are thousands of people on the street and tens of thousands watching, a rocket is launched to let you know the bulls are lose! He wore the tradition white tshirt and red bandana too. Can't wait to see pictures of him! Unless he really is in this group shot- but I can't seem to see him. And I'm back here, safe from the bulls but not seeing anything as exciting.


Cocotte Couture

Thanks to Lucky Life's Etsy favourites, I've discovered the beautiful clothes of Cocotte Couture, Barcelona. Their profile states 'Each cloth is homemade with delicacy and love!' Exactly what I've been looking for and all their pieces look just that! (My favourites above, Josephine Tent Dress, Miranda Mini Dress and Clyde Shirtdress).
I've been on the hunt for really well made and unusual women's clothes on Etsy for a while but my searches haven't brought up many good results. There is so many great childrens pieces (Anemone, Lucy's Place etc) out there but I haven't been able to find many women's wear designers circulating their wears on Etsy (asides from Papercup of course! and now Cocotte Couture too). Am I just looking in all the wrong places?
Cocotte Couture have a blog too, visit them here.


All Zipped Up and ready for Etsy

A nice new bag for the Etsy store. More to come in various different prints. I've been toting mine around for a few weeks now and have had some lovely comments on it so figured we should try some out in the shop. Hope you like. xx


I just spent all my money on...

This beautiful Mine dress from Standard Deviation, yay! I told you I am a sucker for embroidery. :)


The goodness that is Cog & Pearl

Some particulary nice things from Cog & Pearl, Brooklyn (could you have guessed?), NY.
I really love the embroidered ties by Bonnie Heart Clyde, I work at a really great embroidery company and now am a bit of a fiend. I'm working on my own runstitch (I prefer this style, like the skulls) embroidery designs at the moment but more on that later. Hope your enjoy this site. It's a goodie.

Thank you to Fashion is Spinach, I found this site because of you!



Simply Olive has helped my winter hat addiction with a post about these delightful vintage? hats that were on display at Pitti Uomo in 07. I love this photo and would have loved to see the collection in the flesh.

The hat in the pictures of our trip away I spotted last week at a local opshop for $5, it's handmade and fits my head perfectly. One of my best buys of the month I think.
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