I just dropped off a stack of balloon cards to LeeAnn Yare's Collected store in Mt Eden! All very exciting. I hope they go well.

While I wait to hear how they are received I think I will spend a lot of time looking at these. So so great.

It ain't spring.

If you are in the Auckland area and love Hunter Gatherer (lets face it who doesn't?) then I suggest you join me here tonight! The lovely Gem is having an almost spring clear out and it shall be rad. Vintage and new, fabric, shoes, homewares etc. From 6 till 8 in Onehunga.

Just some of the grandness below.


The fair.

A big thank you to everyone who made it to the markets this weekend. The Auckland Art and Craft Fair was a dream as always. The new things were well received, thank you to everyone who purchased a little something something. 

And to the lady who announced that she reads the blog hello! I don't think I caught your name in my 3 hours of sleep state. I also, in this state, completely forgot to take a single picture! But luckily the fairs photographer nabbed this one below. If you'd like to see the rest of them, click here.

Happy week to all!


Hungry pants.

Who took this photo topshop? Who! These pants are hungry, or perhaps its not the pants.

Worse product shot I've seen in awhile. Poor Lindy Shorts, you've been let down. Anyhoo they have free international shipping till Sunday. Get in there!

Market mad.

It's tomorrow and I'm losing the plot.

Sneak peaky here! Below is a map from 1910!

Hope to see you in the morn.


For your Thursday.

Beatles fishin'.

Tie a string to your finger.

So you don't forget. As it's going to be a gooden that's for sure!

Please come say hello if you are about.

Sweet pants.


Remember when.

Remember a few weeks ago I was hollering on about a show called The Arrival? I hope some of you got to experience its magic but if not here a is a little video Tama made (he's the apple of my eye) by putting his smancy new Go Pro on the head of Kate Parker during her ladder warmup.


Today Make Believe has it's very own desktop on Donate Your Desktop. If you haven't downloaded it already I suggest today is a good day! And if you want more information see their website here.

Such a grand idea, grown here. Support it yo'!


Turns out those are beetroot. I thought I'd been growing radishes this whole time. I'm secretly pleased because beetroot is better.

Am I right?!

Image from here.



'Space saver' carrots and radishes.

Nom nom nom.

Going nutty foldin'.

I went to the printers today, to fold 400 cards. It was fun, for a little while. Then I went a bit nutty.

But the cards and slowly slowly coming together and I'm making some new New Zealand postcards for this weekends markets (this one  and this one). Have a wee looky looky below.

And here it is packaged up with some of the NZ postcards peeking out behind. Oh and the balloon cards are done too!


Made for me.

I think so! My last name is Coote and I do have quite a thing for cats. It's from here.


Paris to Shanghai.

If you have a minute, it's most definitely worth a look. A train ride I'd love to do. One day.

Part one and part two. Ah The Selby, your life!

Jim Power.

Jim Power and the Mosaic Trail from Etsy on Vimeo.



This is my dear friend Manoela. Looking incredible some where in Rio de Janeiro.

I thought it was worth sharing since she looks like a real dream.



There is a big market weekend coming up. Saturday the 28th of July is the might Auckland Art and Craft Fair, at the Aotea Centre. And if you miss that (or work Saturdays, I feel your pain) then you'll find a bunch of us again in Grey Lynn at the always lovely Kraftbomb.

I hope you might be able to come to one, as I've got lots of new and exciting things to share.

Plus- if you'd like to know a little more about Make Believe, read this!

Image from See Me Everywhere.


Letter pressed.

More things to come but for now. The beginning.


My day just got a whole lot better!

Well hello there.

Kaitaia Fire.

Yesterday it was the birthday of a dear friend. He likes Kaitaia Fire A LOT! (remembered it's two words folks) So we got him a six pack.



Way more creepy in real life. Look at that vein.

Let the mischief begin. Enjoy Steve!


After a huge weekend full of shows, birthdays, markets, iceskating and a sleep over in a theatre, today I feel a little like this.

Monday, let me out!


Words of Wisdom.

On a 26th birthday.

Happy Birthday Buster.


My lovely work has another desktop for Donate Your Desktop today. A brillo idea helping some mighty causes.

If you don't know about them yet. Have a looky.

This Sunday.

You'll find me wrapped up like a bug in a rug here. At the lovely Matakana Markets, right in the heart of Matakana. Sunday drive anyone?

There is even an organised 'dog sitting' area plus a band playing!


Up and coming.

These bad boys. On cards. I'm rather excited.

Come Friday.

I'll have my eyes glued to this. The Arrival. I can not wait. I've heard it's so swell but I am a little biased (I know the guy with the flag and confetti rather well), hence this campaigning.

If you haven't bought tickets yet. DO! You can tick off the rink and a grand show all in one night.


A friend and I are gifting this wonderful head to a friend across the seas who rather enjoys wearing the odd animal head here and there.

I eagerly await unicorn head footage.

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