I'm off tomorrow to my bach with a load of friends for a Brasilian inspired New Year party. I've been busy making some decorations and I hope the night goes down a treat, as I hope all your nights do. We're trying to keep up all the traditions for the NY as Brasil does, wearing white (easier to get the girls into it than the boys), wearing new coloured underwear (the colour depends on your hopes for the New Year, mine are yellow for prosperity) plus a bunch more. Will tell more once the night is over with I promise, plus photos.

See you in the New Year!

A very merry christmas.

So Christmas came and went and now the New Year is upon us. I'm sorry for my lack of posting (New Year resolution?). I hope everyone had lovely days, unwrapped just what you wanted and the weather, it couldn't have been better! A belated Merry Christmas to you all! 

I found supermarket shopping rather entertaining on the 27th, me and my red nose greeted many other burnt bodies down every isle. A few pictures of my Christmas day below.

A sunny Christmas lunch.

Me and a neighbourhood cat watched the sun go down together.


A delightfully decorated house in my neighbourhood.


Still cutting.

Just wanted to share this lovely papercut set I was lucky enough to do for Heleen from Ruby in the Dust for her 10th wedding anniversary. It is based on a quote from a Rob Ryan papercut and I hope her husband loved it.

More papercuts to complete for Christmas so must get back to it!


The Christmas spirit.

Improv Everywhere, surprised a Salvation Army bell ringer by bringing along their own bell ringers to play with him. You can see all their updates on Katie's blog, Color Me Katie.

It's starting to feel like Christmas.


The last Devonport Market.

This past Sunday it was the last Devonport Craft Market for the year. It was smaller, it was in a park, it was a beautiful day, I wore no shoes and I enjoyed it immensely. There was also a brilliant dance performance and an incredible 13 year old singer who performed on the stage in front of our stalls, as well as many ridiculous contests that kept us laughing most of the day.

See you next year Devonport Market!

The only way to get by at 8 in the morning when you didn't make it to bed from the night before. Shudder. A fancy foreign Mars bar that came in my package from Rosemary.

New vintage bicycle badges on my stall, thanks to Rosemary's parcel, all the way from Paris.

There was a stage with performances all day right ahead of us and I made sure I did my fair share of lying in the grass too.

New York, 'Take Me Here'.

My lovely neighbour, Jamie from Porcelain Rove.

One of the wonderful women who run the Devonport Craft Market each month, Sarah, and her stall. Thank you so much to both Sarah's (see the second Sarah's things here) for such a great year!

And sweet GuaranĂ¡ Antartica. What would I do without you?

Time for a catch up.

The past few weeks have flown by. So here is a, not so, brief photographic account of what I've been up to.

First of all I received a mighty package from my 'other half' Rosemary, full of wonder and goodness. She even sent me a Mieke beard! Promise to post a picture of me actually wearing it soon. I've worn it a few days as a necklace actually- good in this odd Auckland wind we've been having. I can't wait to open the rest come Christmas.

Rosemary and I are very open with each other. 

And I visited the 'opening' of the Franklin Road lights, in Ponsonby, with my mum. It was busy, there was free coffee, free sausages and so many lights- just the thing I needed to get into the Christmas spirit.



What a swell collar. I wonder where you would find such a thing? Cut up an old sweater? I'm prepared to give it a shot. 

From Lookbook.


Twine for knitters to unite.

Wow. What a headline. I managed to incorporate both topics in a terribly lame fashion.

But, both bits to mention are definitely not lame. First of all, something I'm definitely going to find time (in my very hectic week) for.

Knitters Unite for Climate Change

Calling all knitters, we need you - experienced or not! It's really simple, you just need to cast 10 centimeters of yarn onto your needles and start knitting. Then send in what you have knitted and we can join all the pieces together.

The objective is to peacefully protest around Climate Change and Copenhagen; we will have messages hanging off the very long yarn trail from Auckland's Aotea Square all the way down to Britomart! That's 800 metres to be exact!

There are no aesthetic requirements for your contribution. We just ask that you get it to us (Oxfam) by December 11, ready for December 12th's global day of action calling for world leaders at the Copenhagen climate conference to sign a fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty.

And second thing to mention. A great new blog devoted to packaging (something I love) has just begun and they are doing an amazing giveaway. It's called Ribbons & Pom Poms and you just need to follow the blog and tell them what you think makes a great package to win, it's definitely worth a look!

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