Take me back.

Here is a little look at what I've been working on, as I'm now home but my mind is still at sea I thought I'd use that a little to make these. I think they need a wider frame, and perhaps some with colour behind? What do y'all think?

'Take me here' and 'Take me there' map papercuts. Handmade by me. With help of friend, Steve. London sold at Kraftbomb on Sunday, so at the moment I have Helsinki, Paris and Barcelona, more to come.

And the rest of the maps I didn't want to go to waste so handmade some envelopes in various sizes too.

I'm doing the Devonport Craft Market this Sunday for the first time, so hope to have more of these to sell and some other goodies (like the desktop chalkboards below) as well as the owls of course. Hooray for another great regular market. Hope you can make it along!


Rulers and jars.

I heart luxe always have the best things! I am loving this calendar ruler by André Klauser, so genial. After spending so much time away with 'english as a second language' speakers I've picked up a few bad habits, I see 'genial' actually means : 'having a pleasant or friendly disposition or manner.' But my friends used it for something genius and I think I prefer to use it that way, it suits.

And thanks to Etsy's (always great) finds I came across this spice rack idea. Such a great way to recycle some old jars and save space at the same time. You can buy them here, or give it ago yourself and save on the postage and carbon miles. Gneiss Spice has a bunch of other great products to choose from too.

Like these cute tops to spice jars.


Reykjavik mural.

A wee while ago a did a post about our time in Iceland and the amazing mural we saw while we were there in Reykjavik.

I've been following a blog, Iceland Eyes, for awhile now (found her when looking for Iceland information before our trip) and she just posted this great picture of the wall. It appears there has been some new additions to it since our visit, I love those trees. What is it dangling from them?

Iceland Eyes picture of mural in Reykjavik.

Check out Iceland Eyes if you haven't come across it already, always a good read!


Roni Horn.

We went to the Tate Modern when we were in London, after spending hours infront of the wiggly mirror in the entrance hall (that thing is great!) we visited an exhibition by Roni Horn, an American visual artist and writer.

Roni at work.

On display were photography pieces of her 'Some Thames' (with their hilarious footnotes), two walls of clown photographs, as well as images of Iceland (what intially attracted us to the exhibition) and some incredible pigment and varnish on paper work among others.

She has said that since 1975 she has been drawn back to Iceland again and again, the landscape and isolation there have strongly influenced her work. I think Iceland will strongly influence mine too.

Here are some of the images we spotted at the exhibition and loved.

The wall of clowns.

Roni at work.

Dead owl, 1998.

Opposite of white V.1, 2006.

You can see the
pigment and varnish on paper work I loved in the background here.

Pink tons, 2008.

'Still water (the River Thames for example.) 1999.

This one was not in the exhibition by I really quite like it.
From To Place - Verne's Journey,

And one last thing about Iceland, then I will be quiet about the place. We couch surfed there with the most amazing guy who drove us 5 hours out of town to see this. Iceland. Is jawdropping.

It's another Kraftbomb.

It's Kraftbomb's 1st birthday at the end of the month. I'll be there! With or without a stall (fingers crossed with). I hope everyone can spare an hour or two to pop in.

30th of August, 11 to 2pm. Ciao!


The visitor.

I stumbled upon this flickr set when logged into a friends flickr account. The visitor. It's worth a peek I promise.


These shoes.

These shoes. These amazing Kron shoes, can be found in the Kron store, Reykjavik, Iceland. Kron is the shoe store branch of the Kron Kron designers store, another place with amazing stock. We almost bought a pair of the shoes each not knowing the exchange rate, thankfully we checked because they cost a ripe $500NZ each!

I am patiently waiting for these shooties (below) to go on sale.
You can purchase the shoes, tax free, directly from their site.

Iceland is hot.

Iceland was one of my favourite stops so far on this part world trip, the landscape was incredible, the people were lovely and the design there blew us away.

We both ended up taking one of these raven coathanger designed by Ingibjorg Hanna, a graphic designer from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. The coathangers come in two styles, one with the regular hook top and the other with a long wire to be hung from the ceiling. I opted for the long wire like the ones in the picture below.

If you have the chance visit Birkiland (they have the raven hangers too), a site dedicated to Icelandic designers. I've popped some of my favourite designs from the site below but there is so much more. They have a blog too, although it hasn't been updated in awhile! (much like ours!)

Cup hangers by Ragnheidur Ingunn Agustsdottir.

Restore cups and saucers by Bjorg Juto and Anna Thorunn Hauksdottir.

The sealpelt by Vik Prjonsdottir.

We visited the capital, Reykjavik. Thought I'd share some pictures of what we found around the city.

Hope everyone is well.


I cannot wait.

For this.
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