Do note! Everything from Present and Correct rules and I'd quite enjoy this birthday crown card on my next birthday. A little early but hey!



On Saturday, in the little time I had between work and WHB I managed to join some friends in Myers Park for the official opening of the Fringe Festival. It was particulary lovely to lie in the sun (it was so hot I ended having to go home and get changed), sucking on 'nice block' iceblocks (I had two) and watching little snippets from many of the shows that make up this years Fringe.

And then, there was a box war.

A review.

And if you'd like to know a little more about the show there is a lovely review here.

Thank you and good night.

So the shows all over and other things can poke their heads up again for air. Will be rather nice to have some free time again as making etc has really been on the back burner. The show last night was a raging success and thank you to all who came along! Hope you loved it!

Our afternoon performance, a fundraiser for Christchurch. 

 Then we scoffed food before our final show.

 Some beauties helping me get all my hair in cap.

 And Amanda flying through our warm up. And some shots from the show below from various nights.


We go on.

Tonight! And Laura the trooper survived the dress rehearsal. She's doing it! One legged dive and all. Feel like a proud mum watching her. For those of you who are coming- hope you love our big semi synchronized mess. It's a show for sure!


It's our show.

Our poster in a real live poster spot.

It's showtime.

I haven't said too much about the Wet Hot Beauties this 'season' and now showtime has crept up on me - we open tomorrow night! I can't stop talking about it, driving my flatmates mad, I think I might be a little excited. Last night we set the lights, it was a long slow process in the water so half of us turned up in wetsuits. Wet Hot Beauties got hard core.

And my dear friend, Laura, was thrown off her horse on Friday and received a mighty kick to the knee in the process. She's determined to perform so has since been at every practice in her hospital loan wheelchair. 


Back to our Future.

 One of the best project's I've seen in awhile. Irina Werning's Back to the Future. I definitely want to make my own and so do some friends- promise to post if we ever get round to it. Which we must!


Just two things.

Some beautiful hydrangeas and a mexico map to share. That's it.

Salinas delivered.

So the togs made it. Just this second.

Lets say that a medium would have been more aesthetically pleasing and the diet is starting now! The back I was worried about, it's pretty accurate!

Wish me luck. 


Please Mr Postman.

The big WHB (Wet Hot Bitch) show is creeping closer and closer and I'm patiently waiting on my new one piece to arrive from Brasil for the performance. Oh dear if it doesn't make it in time. Mind you, I am a little nervous, as they didn't show the back!

Please Mister Postman, look and see, if there's a letter in your bag for me.

I hope it's got a little more coverage then the one below!


As promised.

The mermaid suits.

 Waddling along K Rd.

 In our paddling pools.

 Myself, over-enthusiastically performing our 'flashmob' at the launch night.

And then taking down a friendly vistor.

So go ahead and laugh. I am. And please come see our show if you can!


Kokako break.

I tend to forget how close Kokako cafe is to my work. I finally made it there for a lunch break and it was mighty good. Vege muffin and banana smoothie, you'll see me back soon!

These past days.

The past few days have been rather busy. What will mermaid tails to make, map orders to fill, swimming practice and work plus of course dinner parties with friends. My flat mate and I took along this cake creation to our friends house R & L's. Hope you enjoy some photos from these past days.

The finished product.

And my new eyelashes, since I'm being a mermaid and all!


So tonight's the night I have to strut around in a mermaid suit, and one of the girls pulled out! So it's just the two of us and I hope we don't look like complete knobs. I promise, if we look any good! and please if you are about come join the fun at St Kevins!

I modelled our tails off this sweet young things outfit. Can you imagine it?!


To market.

A few photos of the Devonport Market on the weekend. My lovely friends at Pauanesia gave me some of their beaut creations to add to the stall. Huni's leather keepsake pouches, Emma-Jane's balloon badges and Ngahuia's collaged notebooks. I think they are all more than rad. And those who visited on Sunday thought so too.

I've also been working on some new 'Happy Camper' necklaces and the tattooed man joined me too.


I was lucky enough to be right across the way from the incredibly delicious creations of Sweet Surrender! The talented lady herself.
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