The 30th of September.

A little video for my dearest friend. It was her birthday yesterday.


It's the 90's.

IT'S THE 90S! from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.


Hello summer parties.

I'd like to see you again soon, when will you next be available to catch up?

All images from this pinboard.

Tea and post.

Even though it's heating up, I'm still enjoying a good morning tea. I think I'll miss them come summer. Some 'for the wins' are in the post to their purchasers as of this past Wed, and the totes will be on the stall this Devonport Market, just in time for us to take on Canada that afternoon. Go the blacks!

10-3, Devonport Community Centre this Sunday. Come see the things!

It's official.

As of today I'm a contributor to nzgirl! I'm rather excited about it. Here is my first post. It's about those nom scones I made last week. Fame and fortune here I come!

Thanks nzgirl for having me.

Frida says.

'Write to me, because otherwise I'm not going to write to you either and if you have nothing to say send me blank paper or say the same thing 50 times, but that will show me you remember me at least.'


Scream- in the yard.

At the beginning of the month it was my birthday and we decided to host a movie in our backyard to celebrate it. Keen for a bit of reminiscing we choose Scream and I really can't believe it terrified me so much, this time round it was more like a comedy! Brilliant none the less, and we had popcorn and sweets, cupcakes and face biscuits gorge on.

My lovely friend, Monique, took some pictures of the night, I was so tired (RWC opening was the night before) and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off I didn't take a single snap myself. So these pictures are all hers, she also has a lovely blog. You can read it here.

'Never say "who's there?" Don't you watch scary movies?'

Delivering popcorn bags.

Old hands at modeling.

Thanks gramps and grams.

Ps. these two celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary this Saturday!


Things Frida says.

So I've been reading Frida by Frida for a really long time now. Christmas 2010 infact, I have started to date my books to laugh at how incredibly slow I am at reading. Frida by Frida is rather good in that I can pick it up and put it down when I like and feel like I haven't lost my place- hence reading it since Christmas 2010.

Anyway it's a selection of letters, texts, forward and notes all written by the lady herself, some translated and some written originally in English.

I enjoy the way Frida wrote and have been writing down the bits that I liked most. So I thought why not share them. Here goes, todays note from Frida.

'Write me often and at great length, the longer the better, and meanwhile accept all my affection.'


Lucy and Emma Chadwick.

Could these two ladies be cooler? I think not! Who are they? I investigate.

See more cool cats here.


To market.

Kraftbomb was on yesterday and although the weather was the pits and daylight savings played havoc with all of us it was a lovely day at the market. A cherry cupcake and Fred's lemonade helps any day feel better I say!

I only managed to take 3 pictures, sorry there isn't more to share! I sold out of all the bunting teacups I made and only have one tumbler left, the lonely one pictured.

I also got those supporter tees and shoppers done and took my tote out for a spin for the game on Saturday night. The tees are $15 (L or XL) and the totes are $12 if you'd like one. Black on black print 'for the win'.

You can get them through my etsy store or just send me a message!


Ike nippon!

So we did the big trip, Whangarei and back in an afternoon and watched the match. I'm quite glad I can now say I attended a game in the Rugby World Cup when it was here on our soil, even though I'm absolutely no rugby head. Being there made me think going to a game is more about the buzz than the rugby. It was fun and I'd happily drive 4 hours again for it.

See rather long photo essay of night below plus one more shot of some baking, the recipe is from Smitten Kitchen, and they are soo good. Bake em!

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