The Christmas edition.

Kraftbomb, the Christmas edition, is tomorrow! 11 till 2 at the Grey Lynn Community Centre and this time it's going across both rooms, that means more stalls and christmas goodies for all. I've been working on some rosette present toppers especially for it, see the pictures below.

Make it your last big shopping day out before you collaspe in a heap!
Hope to see you there!


Serena Fagence.

Tonight one of my friends, Serena Fagence, is holding her second fashion show on K Rd. It's at the newly renovated Pull bar, no. 214.

Presented by 1am magazine and it's a show not to be missed. Serena makes amazing one off pieces that will make your eyes boggle, the lead singer of Charlie Ash can often be seen sporting her creations. This time the collection is inspired by unique dyed fabrics and prints forming innovative designs, all of which will be up for sale after the show.

So if you're in the area, pop in. The show starts at 8.30.

Good luck Serena! See you tonight!

Hm. I just read that the fashion show will also include emerging designer Blaire Archibald's menswear collection too. Blaire Archibald, hehe. Any gossip girl fans?



Ah the internet. You are my friend, you have saved the day once again.

With our trip looming and the news that we are not able to stay with one of our friends in Brazil when we arrive, Rosemary and I were feeling rather hopeless and homeless about the Rio leg of our world trip. As we are in Rio for 10 days over the week of Carnaval everything, it turns out, is almost triple the price, even the cheapest hostels were going to be a stretch for us! Unbelievably one place we looked at was 40R the day before Carnaval begins and 180R the next.

But, aha! I remembered that we signed up for a couching surfing site when we first started planning our trip and immediately headed to the site and keyed in Rio. Turns out there are hundreds of 'couches' avaliable for 2 people in the city. We made contact with a few of the people who had really lovely comments from people who had stayed in their homes and crossed our fingers, and patiently waited.

A lovely guy called Jean was the first to reply and was at the ready to help us out and host us once we reached Brazil. After a few emails back and forth it is now done and dusted- we are staying with Jean and his mother (and their two cats!) while in Rio!

'It's ok if you wanna spend 10 days here, as long as you don't turn
the house into a a total mess.. because I'm not leaving you in the streets' What a great guy! Thank you Jean.

The internet (and Jean of course) is a god send, now we can't wait to reach Rio.

Jean, on the left?


Bon voyage.

While looking after our Craftwerk stall last Thursday night we asked a lady carrying a Oui Boutique bag what she'd bought, out came this great canvas Bon Voyage tote. Jess and I oggled the bag and the lady was chuffed- a completely delightful design on such a practical bag. Perfection. As she was putting it back in her shopping bag we noticed the Papercup swing tag. Turns out it's one of the new designs from our wonderful Swonderful friends and I want one!

They just put up their own post about the bags and the other styles here. Just $18! each, santa.. please?

Craft markets.

Craftwerk last Thursday was so great! Unfortunately Jess and I both got so caught up with running the stall and perusing the others that we forgot to take any pictures at all. We particulary enjoyed the new layout- we could breath and the punters could see, thanks Craftwerk! Another fabulous night.

I got myself a beautiful embroidered purse from Ruby in the Dust- which I haven't stopped using. It's the one on the top left of this image below and much bigger and better in real life! A perfect christmas gift at only $15- they will be for sale at the next Kraftbomb (this Sunday the 21st) too if you'd like to pick one up for yourself.

Ruby in the Dust embroidered purses.

Some pencil Christmas gift tags I picked up at Craftwerk.

On Saturday, Rosemary, Alex and I were lucky enough to be involved in the Edward & Son craft market, held in Western Springs. I really wish I had taken my camera as they had set out all the wares so nicely and there was a really great atmosphere too.

I had to dash in and dash out as was working that day, but managed to pick up a few Christmas gifts- the rest I'm hoping to grab at this coming Kraftbomb.
Thanks Edward & Son for having us! The day (or half an hour I was there) was super.

My stash minus the purse (because it's in use!)

Miss Mandy Stepford Brooch for my wonderful grandmother.

And my cat, 'helping' me type.


Allen Company Inc.

If you've never checked out Allen Company Inc on Etsy I highly recommend you do. Allen Company has been one of my favourite Etsy vintage stores since my time on Etsy began. They find the most beautiful goodies and all in such great condition. I've never made a purchase but by golly theres been a lot of items I would have loved to own. Below are some of the beauties up in the shop at the moment, and if you browse through their sales you will be drooling for days.

Allen Company have a great blog too which allows you to have a sneak peak at their new items before they hit the etsy shop!

Hope you enjoy the browse.

Silk Peach Minidress.

Corduroy Mini Skirt.

Vintage Ankle Boots.

Biker Glam Boots.

Cobalt Flats.


3 things from The Sartorialist.


I love this shirt-cardigan. I'm not sure it would look quite as good on a girl but I think I might just try it, it looks so great on him.


I have been after floral doc martin's for a few weeks now (come on Trademe)- but wasn't sure I would get the wear out of them- but alas, I never thought of wearing them like this!, I had more of a darker look in mind. But I think she looks super.


And lovely lime. Thanks Sartorialist, perfect everytime.

Oh and perhaps just one more thing for that wish list. Sarah's bow belt (and shoes!) from The First Hour.

To the jolly man.

Since we are leaving for our adventure so soon, my christmas wishlist pretty much consists of gifts of money- which is terribly lame. So I thought I'd compile a wee wish list of 'practical' items (hey, practical to me anyhow) that could be good for my travels too. Hm except those heels.

American Apparel Skater Dress (navy)

American Apparel Singlet Dress (white)

American Apparel Circle Skirt (black)

Yakkay Helmut (paris)

Not For Tourists Guide Books
(These guys are so lovely! They popped us an email to thank us for putting their books on the blog, not a problem fellos! you're books and email-outs and fantastic!)

Country Road Ballet Flats
Marni. Drool.

Woolen Clutch from Caroline Ladd.



One very blurry, very late night owl picture. I eat, sleep and breath these things at the moment! But still loving everyone. More owls will be for sale at Craftwerk and Texan Art Schools, Ponsonby just stocked up. Swonderful will be by the weekend too!


A Craftwerk night.

Its Craftwerk time again this Thursday, in St Kevin's Arcade, KRD, - we were lucky enough to score a stall. It's from 6 till 10 this time and if last time is anything to go by you most certainly won't want to miss it. Yeah it's a school night but do we hope to see you there!

If it's as packed as last time- pop into Oui Boutique for a breather and check out Papercup's new tees!

Buy handmade this Christmas!


We did it.

We did it! The swap went so well, a little bit of a bumpy start and a lot of lessons learnt for next time, but other than that it was great. We really hope everyone enjoyed themselves and found some super bits and pieces, thank you so much for coming! Thank you to everyone who helped us out (particulary Hannah and Aimee!)- and Teza for their delicious drinks.

We are going to do a 'official' post about the day on the Swap-Away blog but for now just a few pictures.

Grabbing ice for the Teza's before heading to set-up.

Swapping away.

Our swap themed cupcakes.

Jess looking determined with garments (and Teza!) in hand, and a glimpse of Richard, one of our checkout ladies.

A swap bag packed full of finds to try on.

The aftermath.

Us, looking chuffed. Jess, Alex and I.


The makers and the nominated.

Here are some splendid pictures of the two ridiculously talented and incredibly hardworking ladies behind Kraftbomb, City (left) and Karla. I could not resist popping these pictures up, they look smoking.

Not only do they work tirelessly all month to put on such a great, regular craft fair in Grey Lynn, they also find time to dream up and create crafts for their own stalls at Kraftbomb too.

City is the famous (and this name is well deserved believe me!) NZ cupcake queen and Karla (right) works with her husband, Alex, to create my favourite plushies- the Geek Freeks. The Bag of Boogies I bought last Kraftbomb bring me joy every day.

Thank you both for all your hardwork. We all really appreciate it. Kraftbomb rules.

Also! our favourite store Swonderful has been nominated for a Wellingtonista award! Hoorah, they couldn't be more deserving. So if you've been to their shop/blog and loved what they are doing even half as much as we do please vote here and help them win!


Some pictures of our stall on the weekend.

Courtesy of Alex (thank you miss!), she's got more pictures on her blog here if you'd like a look. Our neighbours were the always something great to see Nut & Bee and the delicious carrot cake, christmas tart and bread lady who even gave us stall holder discounts!- we ate alot.. well I did.

Our stall and our lovely neighbours Nut & Bee in the background.

Our Swap-Away advertising section, the swap pack.

I managed to get two christmas gifts and hope to get the rest on the 21st (the Christmas Kraftbomb!) . I got two packs of stickers similar to the ones above from Nut and Bee and two notepads too- for the bf's nieces. I'm pretty sure the blog is unknown to them, I hope! They are so great and so amazingly priced! Great stocking stuffers !
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