This Sunday past.

I just posted this on the Kraftbomb blog but thought I best share it here too!

It was a wonderful second birthday for Kraftbomb on Sunday- I thoroughly enjoyed my time at my stall as always but did miss the presence of Fred. I took a few pictures I thought I'd share with y'all.

A film crew came to interview the wonderful 2 who make this happen each week.

I'd really love Trixie Delicious' Sex Palace lamp!

My new Mexico inspired pompom bags.

And my wee stall. Looking rather empty this month!

And my one purchase of the day was this amazingly sweet cup, complete with house and garden underneath by Sarah Hunter. It's a gift but I want to keep it for myself!

See you next month!



Oh! And P.S. the Brasilian Film Festival is on right now. At the Rialto Cinemas here in Auckland and also in Wellington and Queenstown. I went on the opening night and consumed far too large amounts of coxinha, pão de queijo and brigadeiro (all incredible foods!) as well as a caipirinha or two.

The film we saw was Now Boarding, it was hilarious. See the trailer here below. I really recommend heading along tonight or tomorrow before it's all over!

NOW BOARDING - TRAILER | www.reelbrazil.co.nz

Milk with my lunch.

I'm currently eating my lunch, a very gourmet (not) packet of 'Hot 'n Spicy' noodles. I'm in training for Mexico. Not far off now. Although I'm not sure 'Hot 'n Spicy Asian Noodles' is quite the thing for jalapeno training.

I've got lots of news and things to share. Will tonight!
In the mean time- I really like this dress / top-skirt combo from Karla's Closet (literally). I'm thinking something similar for my 'mexican wardrobe' could be super!


D & B.

 I'm so excited to announce that some of my things will be in a bloody brilliant new shop opening in Ponsonby next month. Douglas & Bec.

My little box of goodies went off to the store last week. A quick shot of it before the wonderful Rebecca whisked it away. More news about the shop soon.

And some new owls will be on Foxes this week!

A happy birthday.

We had a birthday at my place this week and a wee birthday party last night.
I made these and personalised ones of these and we bought some grand bits from the party shop, including this giant balloon! We stuffed her gift inside as well as a ton of confetti.

Some photos from the 2am setup the night before.

Some aftermath photos to share with you.

The Caker cake- demolished!


A new map that I thought matched my outfit- but then my 'on the top of the car' photography skills didn't even get my green pants in!


So wonderful.

Swonderful's on sale folks. In store and online. Oh how I want this lovely dress- I tried it on when I was in Wellington and it is so dreamy!

A Huckleberry top and a Best in Show Tank are also on my wishlist!



The sweet ornaments I started to paint at the Devonport Craft Market are finished! What do you reckon?

And a sexy milk jug which is a gift for a friend (hope she doesn't see this first!)

Off I dash to my Português class! Tchau!


Just love.

It's been a bit quiet around here because I've been a little busy. I've just started an amazing new job and I'm trying to keep up with orders (I'm always hopeless at this!) but I wanted to take just two seconds to show you this. My brother is currently in Prague with his (recent) fiancée and they just had some photos taken by a destination photographer named Andreas Kronauer. I think they look so lovely, I'm a fan of the heightened colours. Congratulations guys!


A nice day.

I had to take the ferry over to Devonport today to collect my car and pick up some craft supplies. A friend joined me and we spotted this wee doggy waiting for his owner on the back of their bike and the ferry home at sunset was just a bit lovely.

My smoking cap badge is one of my favourites- and thanks to my amazing traveling friend, Steve, I know have my very own smoking cap in the flesh! He sent me just a few weeks ago two big boxes of incredible loot. A Fez! A jacket Michael Jackson would be envious of, a turkish calligraphy wall hanging with my name on it, some souvenir teaspoons (this boy knows me too well!) and these hilarious clog slippers- I haven't taken them off at home since. Thanks Steve- you know I love you!


The Market.

It was a very nice Devonport Market this past Sunday- I had my little second hand bazaar rack (thanks to Sarah!) and sold 4 things! Which was great considering it was so gloomy outside and the market was pleasantly (I thought) quiet.

Some pictures from the day if you're interested!

I painted these little guys during the market.

My mess.

Nearly finished.

My 'melhor que nada' homemade Yokoo-ish necklace.

And my Sweet Surrender cupcakes I brought home. I ate the Geisha cupcake and by george it was good! 

Viva Mexico!

Before anything else- I found the photographer of the lovely Fez photo I posted a while ago- it's Jody Rogac and all her work is just as beautiful.

It's almost exactly 2 months till I leave on for a whirlwind tour of Mexico. I am a little excited- the excitement is growing inside be everday! If only I had a spare $400 US before hitting the road, I'd love one of these. Pamela Love's Bronze Picado necklace. I think I might have to dig up my silver jewellery course knowledge and make one myself- 2 months. Think I can do it? I hope!

And a lovely chef from a lovely looking Taco shop in Queens came on the Selby email today.

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