I did my fair share of Kiwiana gift shopping today, we thought we best have some things to give these great people who are letting us into their homes along the way and to anyone else who helps us out of any sticky situations!

I need some more ideas though? I went to Studio Ceramics, on Hurstmere Road, Takapuna and picked up some great tiki wall hangings, a maori inspired mask wall hanging and a paua bowl (all seconds, I can't see whats wrong with them? and absolutely dead cheap) and then hit the $2 shops for other little bits and pieces (note the I love NZ shotglass, tasteful, hehe). Any suggestions? Lovely Ginny, from Swonderful, just suggested the plastic tomato shaped tomato sauce dispensers (only $2 at Pak n Save she tell me!) and they are definitely a goer, and the tiki salad servers at Iko Iko I must go back and investigate them.

I also have collected a bunch of NZ souvenir spoons, I made myself a Georgina Baker rip-off a we while ago (after I bought one a real one though!) and think I might put them to good use and make some pins and necklaces as unfortunately our budget doesn't stretch far enough for some of Georgie's beaut pieces!

I hit the market in the morning too in Takapuna, hoping to pick up some goodies but there wasn't really anything I fancied in terms of gifts. I did get a little side tracked and bought this pin for myself. I thought it was a steal at $10!

Happy Sundays all round!

The City Designers Market.

A great place to go for brilliant clothes in Auckland is the City Designers Market. Alex and I both bought this skirt last weekend, we figured I'm off and we both loved it that much. It's a Flox number and is such a nice soft fabric. I'd been wondering where all the talent from the Aotea Markets had run off to!

The 'market' (more like a sporadic store) is open every Friday & Saturday, right off the square between High Street and Chancery. You won't miss it and it's not to be missed!


Market Publique.

I just stumbled upon Market Publique and so far love everything about them. Loving the logo and the mushroom tunic especially. They aren't ready for business just yet but sounds like they're nearly there and no doubt they'll stuff sell out immediately (it's all so gorgeous). Their photography is styled so perfectly and are being bandied about on Lookbook 'hot' page too, great advertising no doubt. That's how I came across em!

As well as selling their own bits and pieces it sounds like its going to be a vintage etsy sort of affair so you can upload and sell your own vintage pieces too. Sounds like a bit of me, I've joined the mailing list already. You can see their progress on their blog here.


The treerific thing I did last night.

I went to the Yellow Treehouse! and I'm still grinning from it.
Prepare for photographic essay below.

All that seemed to be holding us to this tree.

The dinner was a lot of amazing little meals by Dawsons Catering, I couldn't quite get through this one.
The view from our table up.

Diners, Jenny Shipley included, I was a little starstruck.

Popping out to the (porta) loos.

The clean up. We were the last ones to leave. Whoops!

My last shot before hopping in the car and heading home. I found it difficult to say goodbye.

Thank you Tracey and all the staff for making out time there so great!


Making the most of the long weekend.

I've been working on a bracelet project today, since it's a long weekend I thought it would be a good idea to test out some of the things I've had waiting in the wings. I brought these liberty bells before Christmas with grand wrapping ideas in mind but it didn't happen so now here they are on these bracelets.
The longer version, with gold chain.
The shorter version.

I am off to do some very, very exciting tonight, will let in on the secret tomorrow. Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend here in Auckland.

Some things I've been meaning to tell you about.

My good friend Alex is born on Christmas Day. Which makes birthday celebrations a little difficult, so this year we had a small suprise picnic with close friends to celebrate on the 23rd. We set ourselves up, decorations and all (homemade bunting included) in Wenderholm Park, just north of Auckland and all brought scrummy goodies! Kendal baked the cake (which was delicious!) and we think/hope the afternoon was lovely for her.

Happy Birthday again A! xx

Those close to me know am a wee bit of a Obama fan, lets face it who isnt?, to the point where I recieved this for Christmas (and love it!). It was painted by the very talented Libeau team (you can often find them at Kraftbomb) especially for me after a request from my boyfriend, thank you! and thank you guys!

My mum made these little badges to wear on the Inauguration day too, guess Obama love runs in the family.

And last but not least another gift for Christmas I just could not fail to mention (actually two)! Hello Cupcake! Hooray, many happy hours decorating cuppies to come.

But my all time favourite gift this year (well last year now) would have to be my harmonica. I have been blowing away on that baby ever since the 25th, most probably much to the dislike of my family and friends. Hope you're all still enjoying your gifts and got to enjoy some lovely time with your families over the break. xx

My last Kraftbomb.

Although yesterday was a very quiet Kraftbomb it was a lovely send off. Nice and relaxed and our charm necklaces did really well so feeling pleased. I only managed to get one photo in this time as I had to dash so soon afterwards and we spent the rest of our time maning the stall and opening Jess's presents, it was her birthday last week!

I also picked up one of Miss Ellie May's beaut tees for the old BF, which I plan to give him when I head off. Miss Ellie May is an illustrator that pops her great drawings onto tees, teatowels, stationary packs and more. I got one of her stationary packs yonks ago at the Cross Street Craftwerk but its so pretty I've only used one or two pages of it since, I can't 'bear' to part with it!


Carnaval and Kraftbomb.

I'm sorry my posts have become few and far between, they unfortunately will probably become more so in the days up to our trip. Most of the time I spend on the net now is assigned to trip planning, sorry for not being around! Thought I'd let you in on one little bit of planning though- our costume for Carnaval! Yes, we are really doing it! Rosie and I will be strutting our stuff (attempting to samba and to sing a song in Portugese) in the outfit on the right. I cannot wait!! A little hesistant about the yellow curly wig but the rest I think is great.

We are dancing with Acadêmicos da Rocinha and this year their samba is about Rio in early 20th century, when the city was more "french" and one of the cartoon designers of this time J.Carlos and the Belle Epoque.

Tomorrow, unfortunately, will be my last Kraftbomb for a good while, until I make my way home again. Our stall won't be missing however, Alex and Jess are trucking on and I'm planning on leaving some of our things with them. So hope you can make it! 11-2, Grey Lynn Community Centre. We've got a whole bunch of charm necklaces back in stock and all our usual lovelies to see.


Station dance.

I don't think there could be a better way to start a morning.


Pretty in floral.

The best kind of gift, lovingly handmade. Thank you Mum!


Thomas Allen.

Thomas Allen is wow.

I read about his great work on Ellie's blog, Mint (a very good read) and hunted down more of his work at Foley Gallery. Old book covers turned pop ups with lots of gun wielding men and leggy woman. How can you resist!


Fresh flowers, skulls and crossbones.

I took a leaf out of Kimberlee's mom's book last night and wore fresh flowers in my hair. They had nearly died before we made it to the bar but were super while they lasted. I chose my favourite, hydrangeas, which I picked up for $3.50 on Ponsonby Road.

Note to self. Next time put flowers in hair right before leaving and stand in the rain every once in a while to keep them looking fresh. I'll definitely be wearing fresh flowers more often- they double as a fresh summery perfume too! I also wore the badge I made at the jewellery course Alex and I completed a few weeks ago (made in copper and then spray painted black) .

On another note, I subscribe to I Heart Luxe which is a really great 'e'mail out with all sorts of amazing products featured from a variety of sites, and they don't send out hundreds of emails a week to drive you mad. Todays mailer featured this skullcave for kids, (or grownups?) I wouldn't mind one in the corner of my room! See another great (but pricey) product featured today here.


Goodbye funny shoes. I'll miss ya.

I've just spent what seems like hours popping up a few shoes auctions on trademe as the trip is looming I need to clear some of my bits and pieces. I'm a terrible hoarder. More auctions of clothing and other bits and pieces will be slowly going up over the next week! If your looking for something new/old take a wee peek here.

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