Ken turns.

A little bit older.

Happy Birthday from Morocco!



We fly to Morocco.


At the theatre with Minnie.

Tonight at the theatre I dropped my ticket in the toilet after the show. When I came out, Minnie was still inside her cubical and I announced 'It didn't flush down' she didn't hear so there was no reply. All the girls waiting gave me death stares and all looked worried to have to go into my cubical and see my log!


Batty for Datter.

I have been a big fan of Datter for a wee while now. Oh how I long to own a lovely quirky piece. I'm on a mission here in the UK to leave with one in tow.

And the great one-off medal made for Kaye Blegvad (Datter extraordinaire) dad’s birthday. He’s an illustrator and received the Order of the Golden Nib.

Good snaps.

By Andrew Musson, NY based photographer.


The White Cliffs.

We went to visit them and they were super.


For the ears and eyes.

Plus have you seen this video? What is it about?!


I love my dad.

It must be Father's Day here soon, there are things for Dad's everywhere. We don't celebrate till September, am I right? But here are a few goodies for the super organised.

From here, here and here.


Doing Dover.

I've made it to Canterbury and am preparing for a lovely lady's wedding! The festivities have already begun and I am so looking forward to the main event this coming Sunday. Turns out Canterbury is lovely and so very close to Dover which means I'm very close to France!

I saw the lovely country today when we were down by the water. I think a trip to Dover itself is in order, to see those mighty white cliffs and perhaps a trip on the ferry wouldn't hurt either.

Une baguette misure!

From here.



This is me. Currently in Kuala Lumpur Airport scanning the board for my gate number to appear. Leg one: Complete. With relatively few tears.

Adventure time.

Possibly from here but who knows really.
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