Oh Mr Obama.

'Know it!'

A market weekend.

Tonight I hope to make it down to Silo Park again for the movie. It's always such a grand place to be. And then Sunday, I'm back at the Devonport Market. It's been awhile! New magnets (finally) and a bunch of other loveliness (if I do say so myself).

Sunday the 1st of April, 10 - 2pm at the Devonport Community Centre, 32 Clarence St, Devonport. Come for Sweet Surrenders incredible vegetable muffins and 'adult' cupcakes if nothing else I say!


Is VerĂ³nica de Arriba, an illustrator living in Granada (Spain).

Oh the loveliness.


This girl.

Is so great.

It could only be The Sartorialist.


Some classic kiwi chaps.

From my wonderful work, Pauanesia, hit the road awhile back and this is where they went.

Thanks Tama Jarman. You are great!


When I leave my curtains open at night the sound of the poor bugs trying to get to my light hitting my windows spooks me into thinking an invisible man is tapping gently.

Good night y'all!



This weekend I made it out to Huia. 12kms or so from Titirangi, I can't believe I've never been there before. It is most lovely! I went on a camp where we spoke about the ocean, I learnt a whole bunch and the setting was grand.

I also managed to do a yoga session beach side, (I'm trying my best to be a full on yogi these days, 5 classes a week!) eat one half of a huge Huia burger and have my Huia store photo photo bombed by hooligan. I hope you all enjoyed wonderful weekends too.



Is always a lovely day, especially when it's a market day I think.

Some photos from yesterdays Kraftbomb. Thank you to all who came to visit and to little Ruby, I won her monthly prize (a particularly delicious yo-yo biscuit).

New trip fund jars.

Tea at sea.

The stall.



This Sunday folks, I'll be there! Plus a whole bunch of other incredibly talent people.

The table will be sporting a brand new batch of maps, trip fund jars, bunting teacups, fan cards, wanderlust postcards etc. Do come along!


I was quoted! At the Fly My Pretties IV launch this week. That means I'm pretty much famous right?

 Flox is exhibiting her beautiful work that she collaborated with the band to create so the launch and the exhibition opening both fell together on Monday. It's only here in Auckland till tomorrow and then moves to the Bats Theatre in Wellington. I suggest you go have a nosey! She's good.


The carat.

I like to think I get my little car into some pretty tight spots, I also like to document them on my cellphone. Please see below.

And then oggle at the Guinness World Record video at the end. Skill improvement needed.


Today, the most wonderful wee store opens it's doors. Collected by LeeAnn Yare, one of New Zealand best stylists (I say!) and her shop is nothing short of grand.

I've been feeling very lucky that she asked to stock my maps and so I got to have a sneak peek early in the week. Only enter when you have a full bank account, because you will lust after everything. Especially those cutout maps she had on the walls, hardy hars. Below is a wee (terrible phone) photo of the maps carefully one route, oop make that two.

Collected is found on the top floor of Bo Concept's building, 20 Normandy Road, Mt Eden.

You gotta be kitten me.

This just made my morning. 



I went to see a series of shows last night, under the name of Scratch. We got to write comments on each piece once they were done and answer questions, I found it all rather exciting. Scratch is a new writing initiative bringing together writers, directors and actors to get previously unperformed works on stage.

You should definitely go to the next if it interests you, I thought it was grand! The host even gave out Marmite, since there is a Marmite crisis and all. Thank goodness.

Pale blue.

And in other news. I love lamp. Don't you?

Working away.

With my head down and bottom up I've been working on a bunch of projects. Including some jam labels and posters for my mum's class's table at the school fair.

And speaking of selling things from tables, finally I'm back at the markets this weekend! Took my sweet time! Kraftbomb 11-2. I can't wait!


Hey, wait a minute Mr Postman.

Last night I went along to Alphabet City, and very early this morning I wrote a post about it for NZgirl. Rather than re-write it here I thought I'd just post the link for you to pop on over.

Here it is if you are interested!


South Island treats.

Not the nicest photo but some of the nicest things I found in the South.


Dirty laundry.

How sweet is this? From Hairy Socks. There is a whole bunch of other loveliness on Hairy Socks' flickr, oh and I've just found Hairy Socks' website too. See here.


Wise Cicada.

I love Wise Cicada's power balls.. is that what they're called? Oh gosh my minds gone blank. Anyway so much so I may just have another tomorrow.

Chia seeds, dates, goji berries, sesame seeds, what's not to like!

Hey shoes!

Get on my feet!



Truly lovely and amazing creatures.

I would like to meet a Strandbeest on a beach someday.

These beasts are constructed not from flesh and bone but by hand from plastic bottles and recycled tubing. They use wind to power their locomotion, and can trap air in a "stomach" made of plastic bottles, so they retain a power source for movement in case the wind stops blowing. Their creator, physicist-turned-kinetic artist Theo Jansen, argues they also have some brain-like function as they respond to the changing environment: on very windy days, the Strandbeest (which translates as "beach beast") can dig its heals into the sand to stay put, for example. They can even be said to evolve like living species, as their designs are based on genetic algorithms and only the most successful family members will have their genetic code used in future generations. - From NewScientist.



A wee note a couple of week backs for ma Mr.


I have a little thing for perpetual calendars. I think they are quite a delight. I always pain tossing a beautiful calendar so a ever lasting one suits be just fine.

Here are some beauties I just found in my inbox this morning.

From Present&Correct, this one and this one.

And from esty, this one, this one and this one.

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