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Mourir Auprès De Toi. I cannot wait!

Making Mourir Auprès De Toi from simon cahn on Vimeo.


Last night we had a huge load of trick or treaters, we decorated our house the best we could and then they came in droves- I think word got out we were a good house. We even dressed up to answer the door and had a skull that said 'We've been waiting for you' followed by ridiculous sound effects as they approached.

I do love Halloween, it's all in good fun and I have very fond memories of my own trick or treat days (Stanely Bay was the best neighbourhood near us, most houses were decorated each year and we used to drive there to trick or treat!) Once a woman answered the door with a stocking on her head covering her face and she haunts me to this day! My brother had to grab the sweets for me!

The best kid last night launched through the door as I opened it with excitement and shouted 'I've got the trick or treats!!' He was a wee one, his Dad waited patiently at the gate and he stared down the headless dummy by the door as he went back down the path.

May many happy goblins and ghouls appear next year. Photography below by Amy Stein.

Happy Halloween.

There were some interesting guests at my mothers Halloween dinner last night. Finger finger food,  eye ball entrees, cat and bat pie with hair and saliva salad followed by snake and brain dessert. It was a delight!

Happy Halloween folks!


Dishes I'd rather be doing.

Amazing. Dear Colleen does it again!

Get yours here. Ticking off my mum's Christmas gift this minute. (nek minute she's bought her own)

Let's go slow mo.

Directed by Tony Kelly for American Apparel from Tony Kelly Photography on Vimeo.


A ticker tape parade.

Some photos I took at the big parade in Auckland on Monday- I hope the other parades are just as grand. It's just rugby but it's history!

My flowers below to throw to the boys, and Dan just checking I'm in the spot I said I'd be.


What a weekend.

Have a look at this if you get a chance. I was in this fan zone and it was incredible.

Our World Champion All Blacks! from Jared Brandon Productions on Vimeo.

And on another note (as no doubt we are all a little rugby tired) I finally got my Diego Rivera print framed. Isn't she a beauty.


One lovely photograph.

To share, taken by James Henkel.


There are lots of nice people to meet.

It's true. Lovely print by Laura George here.


One seriously cool kid.


First Thursdays.

A few photos to share with you. Note Alex trying to photo bomb. Happy Sunday!

Go the All Blacks!



Two photos Jess of Foxes tweet last night of my stall. Thanks everyone who came along!

Thailand map and whoopies below.


So folks! The call for WHB's is out- come mermaids and mermen!

MONDAY 10th October - 8pm -9.30pm
Grey Lynn Bowling Club 
112 Surrey Cresent, Grey Lynn
This is a meet and greet to catch up, have a drink, meet new members, talk through the ideas for the coming season.  Official pracitce will start the following week 17th October.  

Bring some cash/EFTPOS cos the bar will be open for cheap drinks. 

See ya there!


Afternoon picnics.

Afternoon picnics are just about the greatest thing. Especially when napping is involved!

Welcome spring. It's very very nice to see you.


First Thursdays.

Is this Thursdays! Come over, under, along to Karangahape Road for festivities from 6-9. See more details here.

First Thursdays is a community-conscious collaboration of artisans and art lovers whose ultimate goal is to showcase new and exciting talent in the fields of visual arts, music and performance.
On the first Thursday of four months a year, K Road will come alive with visual artists, performance artists, photographers, musicians, DJs, and hopefully... you! If you live in Auckland or just visiting for the summer, come be a part of the collaboration!

I'm a part of the market, which is just a small part of all the things going on. Hoping to have some new teacups, new maps, new New York postcards and new necklaces on the stall for all to see.


Devonport Market.

Yesterday I was at Devonport Craft Market selling ma things. Luckily I had a helper for the day, one who homemakes pancakes and brings them along!

Some photos and note that Devonport Craft Market is on again this month, a double banger. The 16th of October. Come and see!

60 years.

It's been 60 years since my grandparents were married, they celebrated on the weekend and even got a card from the Queen. Sadly it's a printed signature but hopefully the Wedgewood I bought them made up for it.

Amazing and delicious Wedgewood cakes made by Sweet Surrender.
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