It's a cat.

Over and over on a singlet. What's not to love? It's here.

And a genius coat rack that I think I might just try to create for my room.


To be a movie maker. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had a camera that could record film so off I went. I don't think I could have used a lower F stop, or shook the camera more but it was rather entertaining to create- thanks imovie, you allow people who shouldn't to make movies.

And thanks to youtube, the world outside the family living room can see them. Anyhow a big thank you to the Autumn Indie Craft Bazaar (one mess up already there with the ruddy name) for having me these past few weeks.


The Departure.

Before The Arrival.

This pretty talented guy I know just flew off to Korea to perform one bloomin' great show. Adapted from Shaun Tan's The Arrival, it's called The Arrival, go figure. And if you happen to be in Korea in the next two weeks I hope you might go along to see it. It looks magical. They, Red Leap, perform in Seoul and Busan and then are back here for a wee rest before doing a season here in Auckland.

That one I shall be attending! See some scenes (look down), buy the ticket!

And you guy, break your legs.

Floral deliveries.

On a day to remember someone very special.


Good morning.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them.


Dawn Service.

See you there.


Headin' to the weddin'

Freaking nervous I'll tell you that.

Congratulations Kate and Iain!



You know who you are No.2.

Brine and dine.

Might just make me like Sauerkraut. Is this possible?

Some lovely guys pitching for a lovely thing on Kickstarter.

Good words.

From Julian Bialowas (genius!). Just in time for the weekend- almost!

Have a gooden would ya. I'm off to Waiheke to try to shoot a wedding. I'm nervous. Weddings are BIG deals. Oh and below is our beaut city. Look at her shine.

Boo rules.

He is so clever and cool.


Weekend Past.

It was a lovely weekend past. Here are some of the things I did.

I went to the Takapuna Market and where I saw these sweet kids playing down the side of their parents food cart.

 Delivered a gift on behalf of a friend on a very important day. Thinking of you miss.

 And baked peanut butter and jelly cookies- the best recipe quite possibly ever. It needs it's own post, it shall come.

And visited Nadu, Espresso + Juice, in Newmarket. It was rather lovely.


Diamond Jubilee.

It's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June, I love that word.. jubilee. I feel like a little dance has to go along with it. Anyhow I think it's pretty cool that this is her Jubilee 'logo'? Would you call it that? Graphic? Whatever it is it's great.


Paper Pirates.

The Shutter Pirates are hosting a guerilla photography exhibition, one where anyone can submit their own photos! I think I might just put my two cents in, then I can put 'Exhibitor' on my CV right?

They say 'Everyone comes along to look at the pictures and have a bit of a party and at the end of the night people can rip them off the walls and take them home.' I hope to come home with something grand, at that someone rips my photos down to take home. It's a bit like a shared lunch where you desperately hope that someone eats your contribution and it's not the untouched plate.

See more here, get on your office photocopier and send yours in too! Rules are they've got to be A3 or bigger.


All kinds of lovely.

By Julia Aumann. Her name is like Autumn.


That grass.

Something to remember every day. From here.

I make my own.

Yesterday I wanted something new to wear to a flat warming that night. I looked at my bank balance and thought hmm, I could trawl the shops for 2 hours and buy something I can't afford.. or! I could spend the 2 hours attempting to make pants.

So I went to our ol' friend youtube and this guy helped me out.

The result! (you definitely don't want to see what's going on in the crutch! I can't do zips so there is none, but with a long top no worries!)


Not cool.

I've got to stop eating eggs, or get my own backyard chickens? Wee baby boy chick about to plummet into a grinder.

Some greats of late.

From the Sartorialist. Winter is a'comin'.

Oh boy.



Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?

Fo' drizzle.


Being silly. I did not get the hype about this ruddy song till now, now I kinda like it.

Well amusing ('well' used like the British).



Look what I found today at Salvation Army, hello brand new H&M blazer- wow-wee, be mine!

And (in other news) a photo of my picnic rugs on my washing line. Tonight I'm going to see The Lucky One, wish me luck.


I found this wee oasis in the middle of Devonport a few weeks ago. It really made my day. Go community gardens go!

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