Bicycle Rush Hour Snow - Utrecht, Netherlands

The same, just colder and slower, the Dutch are tough!

Oh how I'd like.

A multi super stasher!

But I have high hopes of a warm October in Mexico so no more spending!


Make Believe.

A shirt for me? 

The t-shirts are from Make Believe Studio here.

And two looks from Hel Looks that made me smile. Her cardigan and his colours, so nice!


Bicycle Rush Hour Utrecht (Netherlands) I



So it hasn't been the best week. If it wasn't for my friends it would have been the pits. It's so nice to have a reminder that so many people care for you, even if something not so nice brings it on.

A post my friend did for me today if your interested. She is the best.


Oh what a night!

I spent it down in dirty Fox's with a good friend- we screamed, we jumped, we danced, we held our breath, we banged the walls and we smiled when someone tipped a bucket of water over us and kissed strangers.

I'm not a big soccer fan, in fact I would hardly call myself a fan at all, but as my friend said 'That's the beauty of the World Cup, look what it does to people.' Usually I find the shots of the crowd highlights but this time it was all eyes on ball.

I had to endure some taunting from friend in Italy too, all part of the fun!

'I suggest you to not cry every time we score or you will lose all your tears!'

'It's not rugby!'

'Let's see if you stop kicking our players!' This one really ticked me off, was sent right at penalty kick.

'Your players are so tall, my god if they are tall!'

And an after match comment. 'It's not fair we did not have spiderman as goalkeeper! Anyway...compliments!'

It was 4am on a Monday and the viaduct was humming. Life is good! We did it!

Photos from the Telegraph and an amusing vuvuvela 'how to' below.

And some brilliant supporter shots from Repubblica if your interested!

Soul mates?

I hope these two somehow find each other. I think they are destined.

One is The Sartorialist and the other Hel Looks, 73! I have a very similar bag to this wonderful woman.

The World Cup.

I can't hardly believe it. 1-1!


Helping the Gulf.

There are a heap of Etsy sellers doing their little bit to support the clean up of the Gulf, some are even donating all the profits from their sales to various organizations. I'm quite glad. Why not help where you can. If your looking for a gift or something new perhaps one of these will tickle your fancy, we can do your little bit too!

Threadless have also come up with their own tee's, donating all the proceeds to the Gulf Restoration Network.


Send me a letter.

Letterheady. More than worth a look over if you're interested in such things!
That last one is dated 1969, can't believe it, it looks so current to me.


My bow tie.

It came, it came! Thank you so much Hunter Gatherers.

And my lovely stylish granny this morning. Thought she deserved some blog fame!




Messages from afar.

I have a friend who is at the moment on a whirlwind Europe tour- I wake to messages like-

'This is me going to bed drunk. I have to get up in 3 hours to go for a ride on a pirate ship.'

'I'm relaxing by the pool in Corfu. Right on the ocean. It's a hard life. Having the best time, wish you were here!'

Yes, well I do too! But I did get an order in for a wee treat and I have my fingers crossed Turkey might deliver the goods. His next stop.

All I want is a Fez!

A new friend.

I received this email in the ASS account about a week ago.


I hope you guys could help me out. I've been following your blog for awhile and am now booked to fly to New Zealand this week. I figured you guys probably know the city the best and know where and what are the coolest things/places to do and see in Auckland. Hope you guys could help me out!

I just wanna know your own favorite places, things, music, art, and foods to try and explore in your city. Looking forward to hearing from you!


I replied and the rest is history. I now have a lovely new friend, not my first friend through the wonders of the internet but I think it might just be my first international blog friend and I quite like that. We spent the week eating Yorks and Ghirardelli sweets that he brought from home, other wise known as too good to be true peppermint patties and chocolates, galloping down the sand dunes at Bethells and chatting in cafe's in the city.

Thanks internet and thanks PJ, for being awesome. Us, today, below.

Foxy lady.

As I watch some terrible Tem (aka Captain Juliano) movie, I'm excited to announce you'll soon be able to find me at Foxes. It's so new it hasn't even been born yet but keep your eyes peeled! It's gonna be a gooden!


The super market.

What I hope will be the last post on this post filled Wednesday. The new dress I bought at the Cassette Super Market. What a brilliant market it is. Sorry for the particulary average early morning photo but I've been busting to show you even if not in all it's glory. It needs to be taken up and in a little but otherwise it really is the bee's knee's.

I've been twice and twice bought dresses that I love to pieces and once a bag too. I've also just read over on Ferrit's blog that they are going to have the market there at Cassette weekly! More dresses? Yes please!

Swonderful news.

I'm typing so fast because I'm overcome with excitement. Swonderful have just opened their online store and website! Hooray for the rest of the country getting to get their hands on Swonders goodness with just one click! Or two.

And I can't stop looking at this picture Jak&Jil just posted. That blue dress, the gorgeous woman in white and all the smiles. More than lovely.

My own bow.

I'm eagerly anticipating a few things turning up in my letterbox. The first being this box- in bow tie form. Made just for me by Hunter Gatherer.

And the second, this fabric, all the way from Spoonflower and designed by the very talented, Trois Miettes.

Any day now.

This needs to be seen.

I'm sorry to post something so sad but I think it needs to be seen. Here.

Absolutely heart breaking, like too many things in this place we call home.

And to accompany it. BP, time for rebranding? Found thanks to Georgie Bird, created by Draplin Design Co.


A new addition to my home. Frida- traditionally made by a friend.

Do you like her?


NZ Book Council - Going West

Am I the last person to see this? It's a beauty.

A letter to Hans Hoffman.

I should be tidying my room for our landlord visit in the morning but there is the whole night for that. So I thought a little time browsing could do little harm. I found these incredible pieces thanks to Covet Chicago - they are the work of Catalina Viejo, a Spanish girl living in the Boston area. She creates the letters series by replacing text with colours.

'Words are not necessary to convey an emotion or idea, color is enough' - Catalina Viejo

Patience. Something I lack at times. All the letters have titles and Catalina says that she thinks of a very specific person or thing when creating each one.

See some of my favourites below, for the rest- head to Catalina's etsy shop.

A letter to Hans Hoffman.

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