Oh man.

I love cats. From here.

For adults.

If only this delight came in my size.


Easy as that.


I found my place.

I've been here in Rio for almost a month now. Next week I am hosting a dinner party to thank all the wonderful people who have made this month the best, who have helped me when I've needed it (including two lengthy trips to the Federal Police at the airport, one took 6 hours!) and have helped me improve my portuguese.. I still have a long way to go. I'm going to make this (a recipe from a friend, some how I will cook chicken for 14 people.. not so sure of the logistics of this) and make a big ol' pav for dessert.

Spinach, coriander, mint, spring onions and chilli, whizz all that up and combine with cooked cous cous or quinoa. Mix smoked paprika and all spice, same amount of each, together and dust over chicken and fry. Put it all together with mango and avocado! Done!

Now I finally have a home here I hope to be more about the place. I left my hostel life behind in Lapa and now live in Leme, which is one end of Copacabana beach in a wee but wonderful apartment.

Around about.. here.

Bye Lapa, you were good to me. I'll see you again soon.


The End.

This is beautiful don't you think?

Seen this?

I think it's quite lovely. I miss the sound of the Italian language! So great.


Hey traveller.


When you live in Rio.

Last week I was showing a friend here the wheninauckland.tumblr (as I'm quite the fan) and he stopped me to show me quandovocemoranorio.tumblr (when you live in rio). Now I feel like my life here is pretty much complete (almost, a real wholefood shop wouldn't go a miss).

I thought I would try to share one some of goodness from 'quandovocemoranorio' with you. As my portuguese is still very poor I don't get many on them but when I do, victory!

So it goes like this.


When I hear funk music

In the street.

At a party.


Below is an example of funk music (pronounced funk-kee), this song is particularly popular at the moment. Funk music is awful but also makes you shake your ass like you never knew you could when you hear it at a party. I call it funke trance and I secretly love it.


Me ol' mate.

Rob Tucker. Too cool.


Rio etc.

So I've made it to Brazil. With much to share on the journey to get here but for now some silly shots of me (a very boozed me might I add) that were on Rioetc yesterday. A street style blog I've followed for yonks.

Thanks guys!

12 seconds.

For someone very dear to me's birthday.


Those cushions.

Bring sweet sunshine to my life. I want one!

Beneath the Sun, always doing it right. See more here.

Tootsie talk.

I like this Dustin, you make an interesting man.



On the weekend I met the talented guy behind this, Terravixta.


On our way from magical Morocco to Portugal we were lucky enough to send one day in Barcelona. It was so bloomin' great. This morning I found this photo from last time I was there. New photos to come.



of men wearing their girlfriends’ clothes. So great! See more here.

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