Haunted house.

Some cuteness from a dear friend, thanks man!

Our house for this eve. Unfortunately I'll be on a photoshoot down in the Coromandel but hope my flatties will keep up appearances!


Happy Halloween!

Have a blood-y good day.

Below is a selection of amazing costumes I found on the internets this year. Hope you enjoy!

Hecho en Mexico.

Just in time for Day of the Dead on Thursday/Friday.

And tonight I made the mother skull!


Skulls on the brain.

Below is what I attempted to make tonight. What do you think? Worth continuing? I hope they might appear at a market near you soon if the general consensus is yes and I can get them just right.


Día de los Muertos.

Yesterday I had a stall at the ever lovely Kraftbomb, it was Halloween themed and Alex and City put up some super decorations and there were a bunch of costumes running around too. Since it's also Day of the Dead week, we decided to set up an altar at the market too.

Here it is!

Thank you to everyone who contributed.


The Sartorialist in South Africa has been making my days. Does anyone know if any of the cities have a regular street styler?


The island where people forget to die.

This is a great read.

Here's my chosen teaser.

'I had come here after hearing of a couple who had been married for more than 75 years. Thanasis and Eirini Karimalis both came to the door, clapped their hands at the thrill of having a visitor and waved me in. They each stood maybe five feet tall. He wore a shapeless cotton shirt and a battered baseball cap, and she wore a housedress with her hair in a bun.'

I want to meet them too. And! I hope you make it all the way to the part about “good duration” and “achievement.”



A wonderful belated birthday present from my boss. She knows me well! Thank you Heather!


The teenagers.

I was asked last week to take some street style photos for VIVA, specifically of teenagers and ask them a few questions. 10 - 12 they were after, I shot 15 and only 10 were used, feeling a bit stink for the kids who didn't make the cut because they were great ones!

Anyhoo now I can show you some 'outakes' (as in the ones who didn't make it) and some pictures of the VIVA, they made the front page!

Putting away my trumpet now.



Laura and Tyler. Though it does look like Laurice, I need to work on that!

The week past.

It's been a lovely last week being home from overseas adventures. Being back into work hasn't been as painful as I thought, though I have been taking it slow (bank account is suffering), there was the block party at BLOC (the goody bag was the best I've ever seen, though I haven't seen many) and there was a photo booth, 'cool food' and the most wonderful things on display. There were flat icecreams from asian grocery stores, many movies watched under covers, wine, family, friends and artichokes (in season! yeehoo).

Hope you made the most of the long weekend by not getting out of bed before 11 at least two of the 3 mornings!

This a joke right?

It's not a journey?


My Dad always says 'Christmas is coming' regardless of weather its December 29th or September 21st. And he's quite right, it is.

Laura's dress.

It was a beauty. She let me take it outside across wet and mossie gravel to take this picture, right after I almost split a cup of tea on it tripping over. She was the a pretty great bride, cool, calm and collected.

Here, here Laura, here, here! (I spent a lot of time with British folk, 'here, here' is now in my vocabulary, I welcome it with open arms).



Back home and straight back into it. Map orders to fill and markets to attend! See you all soon at a pre-Christmas market I hope.


Couch surfers.

I've been a couch surfer and host for the past few years now. It is 'da bomb' and if you are thinking of traveling I highly recommend doing it!

Today I got a request to host a couple from Germany in a few weeks time. The guys message was all nonchalant about being into design and photography too and then he said I might like to look at his travel blog if I had time, I did and then boom! Looky here.

The guy's great! Couch surfers : Accepted.

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