I've been busy working preparing for this weekends Kraftbomb! The first one of the year and I am excited. I feel like I've got quite a bit done for it. Still more to do and haven't quite nailed the knitted ties I was hoping to have so they'll have to wait till next time.

But in the meantime here are some pictures of the some pins I made, they'll be on the stall. Finally I found a  use for my ever growing spoon collection!

Hope to see you at Kraftbomb, it's on Sunday 11-2 before I fly to Parnell Pools for the big performance!
Which I also hope to see you at. xx

I love the colours in this Sartorialist photograph so will leave you with that.


Paper flag.

Yesterday I recieved a package from Mexico. From my good friend's mother. It was full of Day of the Dead paper flags! So I hung some inside.

And some outside!







And we get to see the ones outside when the wind blows hard enough.
Thank you so much Mrs Ocampo!

And on another note. I've been following Once Wed for a while now, not because I plan on getting married anytime soon but because everything on there is so beautiful. I would love to get married on a rug or in a circle!

And I never really had thought of  a black wedding dress, this one looks so lovely on her!

Tramutola turned white.

I stayed a good few weeks in this tiny town in the south of Italy, in Basilicata. It's called Tramutola and it's beautiful. It was stinking hot when I visited and now look! It's all covered in snow! I wish to go back and visit it like this.



This is what it was like when I visited.

Angkor Wat.

My good friend, from this blog, has just been here in Cambodia. And is now exploring Vietnam. I'm just a little jealous.



Photos from Stuck in Customs, on flickr.

And one from Steve McCurry.


Leilani Heather.

A few weeks ago I photographed a girl for Auckland Street Style, this girl infact. 

I really loved her outfit and thanks to the brillance of the internet I've also fell in love with her work. She linked to ASS (har har) and the link helped me find her blog and site. Her name is Leilani Heather and my Leilani Heather favourites are below.






Best in Show, I think I went out for a drink the other night with friends and the character in the third photo down was amongst us? Small world if so.







New Delhi, India.


I like this look.

Mustardy-brown pants and matching hat. With a crazy knit in between. Yes please!

 Stine Goya

And oh how I'd like these shoes for winter


Adventure photos. Day twelve.

Salvador, Bahia, Brasil.

This is where Michael Jackson filmed this, with the local and bloody brilliant band of drummers, Olodum. Oh how I love you Brasil!


Rule Britannnia.

My little maps were included in the most recent Your Home & Garden (in my opinion the coolest home magazine out!) and I am so thrilled with how it came out!

So here is a picture to toot my own trumpet, just a little. Parp.

It's right there, small, on the right.

And Auckland City has put it's fancy dress on for the upcoming (next weekend) Lantern Festival. Some how everything looks better with a little bit of decoration.


A smile in the mind.

Finally, the last post for the evening. These things have been making me smile.

The Kozo tape (Japanese rice paper tape, also known as 'washi') I got at the market over the weekend.

And the straws I picked up for $3 at the dollar store in Devonport too. Ah these straws. They remind me of Color Me Katie and they make me feel happy! So wonderfully colourful.

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