Call of Christmas.

My boyfriend's Dad says 'Pass Olivia the bowl', my gift from them... still wrapped.

And a lovely bowl it was.

Just a bit lovely.

Oh to be doing this.

Looking out to this.

Though no complaints for where I am now, Northland is pretty grand!
Images from here.


A massive congratulations to one of my nearest and dearest friends. The wheels are in motion for her next adventure and with just the perfect person.

So much love to you both.

Image from here.



Treats, treats, treats. Man I love Christmas.



I just read a recipe for pineapple coconut jam, it said to 'stir to inappropriate'.


Finally finally finally.

This. Sleeping is allowed on Christmas Day right?


Aotea Square. Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'll be selling my things again (sorry if I've been swamping people with markets!). This time I'll be in Aotea Square, hopefully sunning myself out the back of the stall and I have some fancy new maps to sell too, as well as all the usuals!

The market is from 10 - 5 but there are so many other things going on I highly recommend popping in to say hello. Good food, good music and dancing under the stars (I hope to put on some dancing shoes after the market.)

In the mail.

I just popped this week stocking in the post for a Christmas surprise. The sweet stocking is made by Oak Tree Mama (my favourite stall holder at the Devonport Market!) and the badge by Sarah McNeil from Bread and Butter Letter. No peeks at what's inside as they might be reading this.

If so, hello!

And speaking of stocking! I've just sent off 10 packets of scary santa gift tags to Fossick in Matakana. Just in the (saint) nick of time for Christmas.



Tomorrow night I will be selling my wares at the wonderful TWO ONE FOUR (Christmas) Market at 214 (funnily enough) K.Rd in the Cross St Arcade.

My dear friend Claire, the Candle Vandal, also has a stall. I highly recommend if you still have some Christmas presents to nab!

This might be a bit weird.

Well it might but I thought these sandals were so super (spotted and bought at an op shop). I'm a size 7 and these are a size 6, I have tried to get my hooves into them but with no luck and fear of breaking them I have decided that they must go to someone else.

So if you like them too and are a size 6, drop a comment below (or even if you know a size 6-er who might like them for Christmas) and I will choose a commenter at random to post them off too!

A little bit weird right?


When craft market disasters strike.

That big ol' market.

The Auckland Art and Craft Fair was on this weekend past. It's always a biggie and I managed to stay true to my 'up all night' record I've set consistently in the past. I did remember this time to take some pictures (just of my stall but there are heaps here of the whole event) and some pictures were even taken of me (perhaps they should be left for only friends and family to see, me with no sleep face). Here are some below.

My first moon map.

Some 'charming' necklaces.

The lazy susan card stand I made in half an hour thanks to a hot glue gun, pretty proud of my efforts!

Some hand painted breakfast bowls.

My make shift rosemary Christmas tree. Why I took the photo from this angle I do not know, you can't even see any of the gift tags.

The mighty Istanbul map I bought when in Istanbul a few months ago!

Beeswax skull candles.

The world.

Pom pom wrapping paper!

And Taranaki!


My post.

My post on nzgirl today is here. It's one very edible Christmas gift!


What a beauty.

On Vanessa Jackman. Now I know why my mum always ask 'When are you going to start dressing more elegant?'. One day Mum!

Ada Lovelace.

The world's first computer programmer. How awesome is she?!


Let it snow.

It's snowing in Berlin! Thanks Rosie for this picture tonight, it's of her balcony.

In other news- if you haven't signed up for this (it's this Saturday) you better get a move on. It's going to be so 'sweet' (see what I did there..). Unfortunately I'll be at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair, so won't be satisfying my sweet tooth but you can!


What a true picture can do.

I think it's best to just put the words of the lady herself.

“The concept was to make ‘fashionesque images’ of the longest in residence at the dog pound near my home (some dogs had been there over six months). I specifically asked for the dogs that were the ‘least likely to be adopted’ and took their portraits to represent them with personality, youth and ‘edge’ in order to aid their adoption. All the dogs pictured here were adopted.”

See all the photos here.


This Thursday.

Is First Thursdays, on K Rd. I'll be selling things at the market from 6pm - 9pm if you'd like to come by and buy! :P

Party shorts.

A lovely lady named, Kitty, just started making these most wonderful 'party shorts'. They are for men, but I reckon ladies could wear them too (though she did say she's working on a women's pattern) and are just about the perfect thing to party in on the hot summer days that are coming our way.. aye Mother Nature?

They are $50 buckaroos each and I hope she might join me in some upcoming markets to sell the beauties. But holla at me if you or your beau might like a pair!

Roxy Marj.

Lately my eyes keep being caught by Roxy Marj's work. Something jumps out at me on a gift guide page or on pinterest or wherever, I click it and I once again end up at Roxy Marj's Etsy store. So much talent, I love absolutely everything she's got on there and lots more on her blog.

Some grandness below to lure you to the blog and shop too.


I cannot wait.

For this.


How good are these?



All routes lead to home.

Some maps for Sunday's Devonport market.

The best thing.

I've seen so far today. Come at me bro?

P.S. I'll be down at the Devonport Christmas Festival this Sunday selling things! If you'd like to come say hello, well that would be fantastic! 10 - 3, see here.


Playing around.

I got this chinese string when I was in Turkey we while ago and am finally playing around with it in an attempt to make some bracelets. After many duds I'm one down!


I just got stung by a bee! I cannot remember the last time that happened. Out in the garden collecting spinach for a morning smoothie, I got a sharp pain in my foot and underneath it was a poor bee! Now I have a poor foot.

But in other news, this packaging is pretty cute.



One map order ready to be collected.

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