So wonderful.

The sale sounds like it's shaping up to be at Swonderful's lovely but to be left behind, Victoria St store. Wish I could be there to say good bye. But alas! Cuba St awaits!

Get in there Wellingtonians.

On the move.

So I'm going to be homeless again soon, our landlords selling. No more backyard movies, and I have to start thinking about transplanting my plants to a new home.

If anyone knows of any rooms going HOLLA!

Speaking of Melissa.

My word.

These are good. Any colour thanks.

Speaking of Melissa.

Bread & Butter.

I've not heard of Bread & Butter before but apparently it's 'one of the world’s biggest fashion exhibitions' and Alice Point went just last week in Berlin. And look, oh look, what she saw! New Melissa's- not to be seen for a few months but some lovely ones by the looks to look forward too.


Saying goodbye.

Even though I never made it to the Renegade Handmade store in Chicago (I think I may have lost my mind if I did in excitement), I'm sad to see it close down. If you are in the area do go to their last night party! 30% off and a free gift with every purchase. Sounds pretty dang good to me.


My garden giveth.

And the caterpillars, slugs and snails taketh away. Oh bok choy, I shed a tear for you today.

I will avenge your death!


It's great to be.

And back to it!


Can't get much more 'hipster' than this.

CUPPOW! from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.

Finding room.

In my closet (which is bursting, even more so since return home) for some lovely things from The Scarlett Room. Like this silver collared top- Scarlett Room you are so cheap and so good. You tease me.


Health notes.

My skateboard graze has nearly healed.

But I did start vomiting when I got home from Nepal. Not cool! But at least I was home, with nurses in abundance.

Home again.

I'm home! And very happy to be back. Not that it wasn't incredible but it's nice to be on our sunny shores again back with some lovely folk I missed a heck of a lot. First note from the adventure! I got a new camera bag, to house my very beaten up ol' camera. This year there is a loose plan to finally replace the beauty.

The camera bag is from a Korean company called Herringbone and they do camera stuff good. I spotted it on our very brief stop over in Seoul (it was -1 degrees and I was not dressed for it!) and I've loved it everyday since. You can even watch a fancy video about it.

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