Just a few pictures of my stall (backwards) from yesterdays Kraftbomb. Hope everyone in Auckland enjoyed the sun.

 And then this curious little window I spotted on K. Rd on Saturday morning. To be investigated!


Pift. It's hard. I'm trying but then I saw this and it shall be mine, MIIINE!



Is this weekend! Fred's lemonade is just what I feel like! Hope to see you there.

and I've come to realise that maps take a long time, and are rather boring too.


There is about 10+ things I should really be doing but instead I think I might just make a Beet Cake.

Why not?

beet cake from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

All the glitters is gold?

Last night I put glitter in my nail polish like a 6 year old. I like it very much. I also found this nice photo a few weeks ago I thought I'd share of an old fellow adjusting his roman sandals strap in someones lovely garden. The weekends here folks. Enjoy!

Flotsam and Jetsam.

Is a particularly nice shop on Richmond Rd, in Ponsonby. I visited them this morning and found another wee glass for my NZ flower glass 'collection' (loose term, I only had two before this one).

You can see their website here. Or visit them in person (much better) 168 Richmond Road, right by Ripe etc etc. Flotsam and Jetsam, where good goods are found. I sound like an ad but it's true.

And if you'd like to know some other lovely spots around Auckland, have a look here to see where one of the swonderful Swonderful ladies liked visiting on her last trip.

Video Karaoke.

I'd like to do some skype karaoke, anyone who is as tone deaf as me keen?


I entered.

My photos. Fingers firmly crossed. Thank you all so much for your help!


I've started working on the 'young traveller's guide to Auckland City' that I decided I would do when we used a particularly rad one in Europe, way back in.. 2009. Ouch!

If you have any suggestions of what it should include please holla!



With my knitted sweatband down (it was meant to be a headband but it didn't turn out so nice, bad width) I've started a new project. Oh and Frida, Monet and the cat wanted to say hiya too.


Potter joke.

What up.


Foureyes and ASS photographed the same girl on the same day. Nuts! and took virtually the same photographs. Personal jinx.

See Amanda here and here.

Bazar de Arte y Diseño.

You might remember this guy showing up a few times at the markets last year, he's been back in Mexico a while now and is just about to host León's very first craft market, Bazar de Arte y Diseño. Inspired by us! Apparently our markets and me! have even been mentioned in a mexican newspaper when Snoop was asked how he came up with the idea for the market.

That's it folks, we are famous!

 So if anyone is in León, Guanajuato this Sunday do attend. It will no doubt be grand! I want to go along and buy one of these chairs but it's a little far to travel.



Grand news for streetandcityphotos, Wallace's shots have been included in German magazine Blonde, and not so grand news for me- the helmet shot made the cut!

Bahaha I 'loled' when I saw it. Rosie! Get a copy for your own loling.

I shook my bum bum.

But alas I did not win the trip to Brasil!

A lovely woman who plans to turn 40 in Brasil did though and I was very happy for her. Much fun and embarrassment was had. Thanks for having me Laura! and Intrepid Travel.


Ponsonby Rd.


There are some new maps in State of Grace as of this morning. Brazil (don't forget Zumba tomorrow folks), Auckland, Taupo/Rotorua region and Italy. One massive Sydney to head there tomorrow.


Our knitting group.

So the knitting group my flatmate started is going strong, I quite enjoy the Monday night madness (that's making it sound a lot more exciting than I probably should) but here are some photos from this week. Nothing of my new 'headband' project though, I'm not 100% sure on it but I've become a greedy knitter and know it'll be complete in no time.

Our reluctant flatmate giving it a go and lemon and passionfruit cake treat belows.

I've also started doing this particularly geeky newsletter each week to go along with our particularly geeky group.

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