The Sevens.

See you soon Wellington. We are off to The Sevens! I've never been and am slightly terrified, especially because we are going down by bus tonight (a whole 11 hours!) but hopefully the 'Grappling Gringo' can survive.

Hey, I do overnight bus trips overseas all the time, I'm just going backpacker for the night.

This just happened.

Good morning Thursday.


One of my New Year resolutions, one of the few I've so far kept, was to read a book a month for a whole year. More than easy for some but I am a terribly slow reader, to the point where one of my friends started to write the date I started the book in the front and then I had to add the finish date below it. I have lots of books with start dates in them.

So far so good though! My January book was 'Peach for Monsieur le Curé' by Joanne Harris. It was good but I would tell you you must read it. Now, for Feb (I'm getting a head start) I'm reading 'Almost French' by Sarah Turnbull, my Mum gave me this book to read an age ago and I never started it. I'm almost at half way, so I've started thinking about what might be my March book. Any suggestions?


Some friends were married this past January 5th and they've just posted some photos from the day! I was particularly excited to see them, not only to see how incredible Laura look in her beautiful dress but also to see the signs I made for them for the day. See some pictures below!

I also designed the invites and the menus for the day so showy off of those are here below. I would love to do more stuff for weddings so please holla if you'd like to do something with me!


Rosalind Jana - also known as Roz. She blogs here, writes for many a people and has some of the best eyesbrows I've ever seen. Plus she's only 17! More beautiful photos of her here.


Paste up.

While in wonderful Wellington over the weekend I spotted this sign on a pole in the middle of the CBD. It looked like the maker hadn't proofed it very well, so we helped correct it.

Much better.

As I was writing this a man mowing the lawns outside made a loud grunting yelp and I was overcome with fear of being first on the scene of a terrible accident. I get this feeling all the time and then pray that if it ever really happens that I get that whole super human thing inside me and don't just cower and cry.

As for the yelp, he seems fine?


Be brave.

I'm re-evaluating how often I say 'can't'.



Enjoy! I will be spending most of my time here, until 3.30 when we must prepare for a flat inspection. Ah!

Image from here.


Real food.

When I went to visit my good friend in Kuaotunu (she's living there over the summer, lucky ducky) she had a copy of 'Dr Libby's Real Food Chef' and everything in it looked so good. Dr Libby is a New Zealand based nutrition specialist and I bought the book as soon as I got back.

Last night I made the coconut yoghurt on my friends recommendation. It is so so good. I can't stop eating it, I made two batches worth and it's almost all gone. I will post the recipe for y'all this afternoon.

I reckon this coconut butter looks just as good, it's next on the menu. See how to make it here.


Man I love Improv Everywhere. A good time every time.

And the man who owns the store! So lovely!


Hello Valentine?

These are just super. From here.



I made some kale chips this week! A little olive oil, a little salt and less than 10mins at 150 degrees. Nom.

Plus some garden progress photos. More tomatoes, the growing melon and eggplants, a capsicum and what is said to be one of the hottest chillis in the world- the ghost pepper!

The inn.

I really want to go to the Oyster Inn on Waiheke. It looks so fresh and so clean.. clean.

And twenty seven names cat cake is also pretty much the greatest thing.





I think these 'Un-tourist' scarves by Emily McDowell are so so great. Palm Springs! Yes please.

And this Pablo quote, also by Emily is pretty grand too.

Morning Tuesday!

From every tumblr on the planet. 


Blurry kid.

I'm sorry this kid is blurry but I cannot find him any bigger nor any reference to where he came from. Any help on that? Thank you! Photograph by Stephanie Maze.

Anyhow, I'm going to the Seven's in Wellington this year and I'm going as a Luchadore. I hope I look half as great as this blurry kid.

I want.

This noice bag. Chocolate goodness.

To wear with this outfit. From Vanessa Jackman.


Rainbow flowers.

Today I posted on NZgirl how to make Rainbow Flowers. Thanks to a little help (all the help) from Colour Me Katie. See my post here!


Tonight this guy I know played this on the piano, our house has just acquired one, while I lay sleepiy on the couch.

It was perfect. Thank you!


I hear ya.

Bobby pins. Jeez. From here.


I made this salad tonight for a picnic up the mountain (my local Mt Eden, one of my favourite places in Auckland) and it was delicious! I got the kale from Wise Cicada, they are open till 7 and have all the good things. I also couldn't get blackcurrants so just used regular currants but I think you could probably just use sultanas.

See the recipe here and some photos of our dinner below.


Lunch with the gramps.

They are too great.

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