Floating about.


Tomorrow I fly to some serious heat in the North East of Brazil to welcome the new year. 2014 has a good ring to it don't you think and I've got my correct coloured underpants (see here, great headline circa 2008) so we are good to go.

Roll on.

Amanhã eu vou voar para alguma lugar no nordeste do Brasil que é muito calor para bem-vindo o ano novo. 2014 parece ser bom né? e eu tenho o correto calcinha colorido. Vamos! 

Vai rolar.

Do bem.

Do Bem rules. They are a drink brand here in Brasil that does all the good things right.

Portuguese practice below.

Do Bem é legal. Eles são um brand de bebidas aqui, no Brasil, quem fazer todas as coisas boas correto.


Final de Ano.

We are having our final year festa this Friday. GOMA has become my family here in Rio, don't know what I'd do with out them!



Doing lovely things with troops of girls. A little Wes Anderson-y and little Troop Beverly Hills-y.

I like. See more of Osamu Yokonami's work here.


Make believe.

Has become sorely neglected with all this life change. So I figured it was time for a change here too and there's a new kid on board (back on board).

Shall reveal when I moment of two is free!

Christmas wish list.

Just this. Okay so maybe a years subscription wouldn't go a miss too.


Dedication drawings.

Just a bit lovely for your Monday. From here.

The Octopus Fisherman.



Last weekend I went to a tremendous beach here in Rio called Prainha. I highly recommend! Myself and my beach buddy collected many bits of cactus on our way home (all ten fingers still sore) and now I'm attempting to grow them in our window.

Need all the luck I can get.

This beauty is from here.

Climbin' mountains.

I once had a friend who pronounced mountains as 'mount'-'taines' (I have just discovered it's virtually impossible to explain that in writing) and now I find it difficult to say the word correctly. Anyhow, this guy I know climbed on massive mountain. Here he is at the top.



Holey moley, I just backed this, a very late birthday present to myself with the assistance of my family. Thank you! Does that mean I can claim to be an investor in something? I will now patiently wait for May 2014 for my very own incredibly great FlyKly.

Thanks geniuses for being genius.


Blue lady.

An incredible shot, by Anja Neidringhaus.



One of my most favourite brands here in Rio, Aragem (such a lovely group of seriously talented ladies), instagramed me in their lovely canga (silky sarong type thing, difficult to describe, see below) yesterday at a fashion event here in Rio. There I am, enjoying a good awkward pose.

Sounds a little like the high life, I can assure you it was not but we did manage to sniff out the only free champagne in the venue!


Turning 60.

My Dad turned the big 6 0 last week and I made him this. If the subtitles don't go you can turn them on at the bottom of the window!


This place.

I love it. Even in the rain.
Plus.. the rain reminds me of home.



Things sucks. So we are lucky to have friends.


If you are a Game of Thrones fan.. or if you aren't. This is worth every minute of your time.

By Millie Hall.

A very dear friends lady, Millie Hall, made this incredible flamingo dress. Please tell me who would not like to wear a flamingo dress even if for only moment of their life.

You rule Millie!


The markets. Don't forget the wonder that is Auckland Art and Craft Fair is coming up and the very talented Rosie will be running the Make Believe stall on my behalf. Thank you lassie!

Argentinian treats.

Need I say more.


Humans of New York

Is by far the best thing on my news feed. Everyday. If you haven't found it yet, see here.

Robin smells a crime.


Hidden door.

Door behind a wall. No probs.

Shot in Mexico.


Dreams of NZ.

I just got 'home' to Rio, after almost two week in Mexico. But I'm dreaming of NZ.

This isn't shot there but gives me all the good New Zealand feelings (so many more here). I would love an afternoon spent like this one sometime soon. Unfortunately here I think the most I'll be snuggly wrapped in will be a sarong!



Lovely listening.

Sometimes I wonder.

Caipirinhas. Are deadly. From here.


Mr Niggles.

He and his beard, 'Barry', are great.


Great name and even greater skills. Fanette G aqui.



But I think brilliant. Ain't no place like home.

We are Team New Zealand from Useful Films on Vimeo.


Oh boy.



One more point.

I've got my red shoes on (no socks unfortunately), a stripey sailor top, a rope necklace and my endeavor coin brooch on. Come on boys. Todays the day!

The best.

This is quite possibly my favourite photo with friends. Ever.

Those facials.

Cultivate a better world.

I might be a bit late on this one but wow. It's a goodie.


Things to be done.

I've been trying to get my a into g and start to make a kind of 'young travelers guide to Rio'. Slowly slowly I've been compiling the list in my head but to be honest it's easy to be lazy here and I've been enjoying it a little too much.


So far my list goes like this. Perhaps if I post it here it will give me the kick that I need.

1. Helpful info about the next level rollercoaster buses and the bizarre BRS 1, 2 and 3 system.

2. The batman symbol I found in a vent in the Arcoverde metro station. Show.

3. Hareburger. That guy is a genius.

Hm. How is it only 3?



We built this shelf to display the Terravixtas, it's a Terravixta itself. We think it's pretty clever!


Cleaning the floor.

In our new building next door.

Don't resist.

From here.



Always sharing the good stuff. How to make your very own hammock, just in time for spring!

See how to here.

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