What I wore today.

I haven't done a 'what I wore today' drawing in so long and tomorrow night I'm going out with some friends so I've started to think about what I might need to clean, heh heh, to wear. So here is my what I will or might wear tomorrow. It's hardly weather appropriate but ah well!

And the lovely what I wore today flickr group just led me to this wonderful artist. I like Manu in glasses work a lot, or ALOT even! 


This weekend in Devonport. 10-2.
Follow the signs and come say 'ello!

Let's hope for some good weather folks.




Somethings that have caught my eye on Etsy lately.

Top left: The track backpack. Top right: Faux wishbones. Left middle: Brass wallet. Bottom left: Resting demon. Bottom right: Tattooed man.

Carousel Horse Race

Another blooming good.. flash mob? from Improv Everywhere.




I've got the hang of this rainbow cupcake thing. I think I need to show you my first attempt. Will post that tomorrow but for now a successful cupcake for all to see!

Postcards all round.

Sorry to keep bothering you with this but we need a whopping 140 or something to catch up we are trying absolutely everything we can think of to find them. So please if you do have moment, share our silly video link, it's here. And vote for us to visit Mt Everest here, you can vote from different connections so go go on zee phone and zee computer if you'd be so kind! Thank you thank you.

And we promise that if you send us your address we'll send a postcard to say thank you.


Another Sunday.

At the markets. Kraftbomb this time. Some pictures below.

Thanks everyone who came visiting!

'Home' map finished in the nick of time.

My neighbours beautiful bunting.

Ruby in the Dust's wonderful pouches, my neighbour in the rear.

Topical postcard!

I forgot to photograph my giant cookie made by Fred before it was too late. It was as big as my face.

Beautiful things for kiddies.

And Luu was back with her great things! Plus her lovely face will be on ASS soon.

And then once the market was all done I headed to the beach with friends and scoffed fish 'n chips while wrapped in a blanket. I hope everyone had lovely weekends too!


It's raining.

But sometimes the rains not so bad, in fact not bad at all. Sometimes it's very pretty.

My attempts to capture it below.


Going to Everest.


It's just charming (heh heh) and it's this Sunday. I've got a whole new lot of charms and sold oldies but goodies back again. Please come down and take a look around, it's completely covered so you'll stay dry and there are amazing Mountain Dew cupcakes and Fred's lemonade is not to be missed!

'Tied tight' silver charm necklace.

'Take me here - Arc de Triumph' silver charm necklace.

'Baking till late' silver charm necklace.

'Picked for you' silver charm necklace.

'We go together like peas and carrots' silver charm necklace.

'Happy Snaps' silver charm necklace.

'Our house for the winter' silver charm necklace.


My hope for an intrepid journey.

Oop. Looks like there is a bit of a catch- you have to 'like' Intrepid Travel on Facebook to vote. It's all over and done with in 7 days. Oh lovely souls please vote for us!


Mo maps.

Please excuse my shoddy early morning, no light whatsoever photography. It's just a note to say that these maps have just been sent off to State of Grace in Kingsland, if you like the look of 'em pop in. Otherwise have a lovely day.

And whilst photographing I found these wee badges I bought when I was in Germany at the beginning of the year. Sorry friends for not gifting them to you yet!

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