the lovely fleur wood

My mother just got home from spending the ANZAC weekend in Sydney, and I spent a lovely weekend blobbing on the couch and watching DVD's that I found in my letterbox (favourite being the Breakfast Club). I was lucky enough to get a sweet gift from her trip from a wonderful designer's shop, Fleur Wood It was this bird and nest stamp set, I adore it. A perfect choice!

The stamp set is made by Cavallini Papers and Co. and you can get them online too from Kate's Paperie- which stocks some other cute stuff too.

I looked up the designer, as the bag and packaging was just as gorgeous as the stamp set, and it turns out she makes the most beautiful clothes too- and she names her garments 'Meet Me At Midnight' and 'Memory Lane' etc, cute!. Our favourites are the green dress and the patterned one too!

Holding out for a NZ stockist.



We thought we would share a sweet and easy way to brighten up cuppies if you're not talented with an icing wand. Sweet heart sweets! Just plonk them on to of regular icing (which holds them in place) and away you go. Cute.

And also, the View Master camera arrived. It is beautiful. A little banged up but otherwise its a great machine. I am going to a 1st birthday party this weekend ('Happy Birthday Lilly!') and think that would be a great place for the first test run. Fingers crossed the pictures come out great as I'd love to give them to her as a extra birthday suprise. Will post up the pics when I get them back.

Oh and last but not least- a pretty 21st invitation that turned up in my letter box. Thanks Sam!

Keep happy


you just need to buy the fantasy?

The number one destination on Rosemary and I's list of travels is Brazil. For many reasons, one being we have many friends who live there in various cities. We are hoping to time our travels to arrive in Rio just in time for Carnival. For an 'unparalleled experience', which I'm pretty sure it will be. Have you seen the photos? Mental.

On my last trip away I read an article on the plane about Carnival and how it's possible to actually be in the parade. The writer had done it herself and said it was an amazing once in a lifetime experience. I couldn't believe it! So have since talked to my friends in Brazil and in their usually excellent english they told me 'Yes it's true, you just need to buy the fantasy.' Gosh! The fantasy? After searching the topic I realise they mean costume- we will have to buy/hire a costume to participate and the prices are a bit steep but I can't think of anything more extravagant and hiliarious and mind-blowing all rolled into one. The Carnival is a competition between the biggest Samba schools in Brazil and is a huge deal. People learn the samba songs months out from the event and support their school like they might their soccer team. I shot gun being a wilted cabbage- at least they look reasonably covered up!

Pictures thanks to Christopher's flickr.

So watch this space. I will be dragging Rosemary through the parade in a skimpy samba suit not matter what, peas headpiece and all.

If you'd like to join us the best site I've found is here.

Hope your all having a lovely start to the week. xx


funny. like ha ha.

Last night I went to an amazing comedy show, part of the International Comedy Festival we are having here in New Zealand. The comedian was Jason Cook and his show is called My Confessions. The show is 10 of his life confessions, all of which are true. I reccommend it to anyone who can make it to see it. He managed to rip me, and the rest of the audience, from laughter to tears and back again. Unfortunately he is only doing the show in Auckland from Saturday the 19 April to Saturday the 3 May. And its only a measly $23. Money well spent.

And I also found some great photos on Entre Cidades (like the one above). A site which I cannot understand but love their fotographias.


in his heyday

My grandfather and his swimming shorts.

Tonight I found some pictures of my grandfather in his heyday that I had never seen before and I just had to share them. What a champ. His brothers are in the picture below.

I also found the blog Maditi Likes, thanks to Anemone! No words just beautiful pictures.
All in all a lovely night. Hope you've had a good one too xx


l&r love carlsen

We are loving the work of Suzanne Carlsen. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design with a BDes in jewellery and metalsmithing and has gone on to create these great pieces. Her CV is endless! Unfortunately I can't seem to find a link for purchasing her jewellery so have sent off an email to her to enquire about a few pieces in particular. I'll let y'all know what she sends back xx


Our first sale.

Over the weekend we had a our first etsy sale! Hoorah. I was/am quite excited I did a quick jig around the house to my families horror and then but all my excited energy into wrapping it up and posting it off. It was wee Harold. We are sad to see him go as we are will every owl! But hope he has a happy home with his new owner Michelle. Thank you Michelle!

I was feeling rather disappointed till I got home to that news as I was booked in to to go hot air ballooning at the Hamilton Balloon Rally this weekend but unfortunately the flight was cancelled due to the weather. We were so excited to go ballooning amongst other balloons! But it can't be helped, we shall try again in Auckland this weekend. Fingers firmly crossed.

This lovely picture is courtesy of Ginny's friend Lydia. She is good at drawing. Yes sir.


Poppy Plates and other delights

While waiting for our computer to be fixed this past Saturday I wandered into a gigantic Asian supermarket in Mt Albert where I found these beautiful creatures. And for $1.00! (each). They are glazed ceramic poppy-looking saucers and I snapped up what they had left. They weren't sure if they would get more in so keep your eyes peeled if you like them too.

I was also particulary spoilt by Rosemary on Friday, she bought me a super book called 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy' from her bookshop. It is written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. Hopefully my pictures will do the book justice.

And last but not least- new silver 'never leave without your keys' necklaces will be up on etsy later this week. Or contact us if you'd like one. Have lovely days xx


My Cake Cushion

Here is a picture of my sweet new cake pin cushion. Which is lovely to look at but also practical! as I'm so often losing my needles. So! the delightful Ginny bought me this as a super suprise gift to keep my needles (and pins) in order and it has been just grand. The cake slice is made from felt and hand sewn by Sarah who had a table next to Ginny's at this past Craft 2.0. It even came with it's own pins looking like dots of coloured icing and a paper doily to catch its crumbs. So thanks Gin and thank you Sarah! May my needles never be lost again!

For more pictures from Craft 2.0 have a look at Ginny's blog.
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