Thanks Steve.

This blog is a bit choice.

My parents were awesome. And still are.



You don't see 'em much round these parts.

Amazingly fabulous daring woman. Where do they lurk?
I'm pretty pleased with this photo, can you tell? Mostly because I took it the morning after my camera fell out of my back pack and bounced down the street. We are still in business.


You're an egg.

I forgot to say. Happy Easter y'all!


hElle yes.

A little while ago I received a rather exciting email from a woman named Sydney Wasserman. She asked me if I'd like to be involved in a global street style feature. Yah hear that, global! And this said feature was for a wee website called 'elle.com', you've probably never heard of it right? (snigger snigger)

And now the feature has begun. We aren't there yet but expect to see us in the weeks to come. In the meantime the photos from the other cities are stellar. I hope mine stack up!

See them all here. Gloat over.

A piece of another place.

This is a wee piece of Marrakech and I have very itchy travel feet.

Photos from here.

Hey Karen!

One of each of these in my size please.

He won.

Hamish won! So thank you to all who helped him get there. To DF, Mexico City, he will go!

Photo from this flickr.


Move it.

Or lose it. Moving today and over the next week, to a place with a yard. A yard I tell you!


Going Gaga.

Below is a lovely guy called Hamish, ambushing Tamati on the Breakfast show to 'get noticed' to win a competition to go see Lady Gaga in Mexico City. Hamish is grand and you know how grand I think Mexico is, one can only imagine the two together! So, please if you like his video, go here and vote for him. He's got to chase a girl dressed up as a pig with 800 votes. You can do it buddy.


I pass these train tracks often. I have never seen trains on either of them.

But today- oh boy! Two! That's it. Dumb story but.

Also, last night a lovely lad showed me some very amazing dance videos and then today I spotted these. Would like to share the videos but cannot for the life of me remember the names and youtube is a deep sea. Will share in time.

Thanks Pinterest.

Fo ma room.

I got this bad boy this morning off trademe. Finally a place for all my maps!


Yesterday I went on a wee shopping trip to Paeroa. You see I'm moving house next week and we need some new furniture so I hit the antique & junk shops down those ways. I got one dining table and 6 chairs, plus a cute Kowhai glass and for some reason didn't take a photo of any of them- wait till they are in the new place!


Another cat.

Just as great!

Thigh oh thigh.

Nice title, not. But this girl, with her fox tail and hydrangeas, is a bit rad. She makes me want thigh tattoos too.


A while ago I mentioned these maps were going on to Foxes. Well, they are up! See them here.


This relates to nothing.

I just quite like it.

Railway Revival.

Wish I could be winging my way to this.

This April, Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and Old Crow Medicine Show will embark on a tour unlike any in recent memory. Traveling exclusively in vintage rail cars, the three bands will journey across the American Southwest with the bands playing concerts at six unique outdoor locations along the route, stopping at El Cosmico on April 24th.

Our city.

By moonlight. I tried my best, some pictures from a peaceful evening spent atop St Heliers complete with guitar and kumara chips.

And another sunset earlier in the week. Auckland,  you've been treating us well!



Look whos back in town. If only briefly. Dear Rosemarie! Pretty much the greatest surprise I've ever received. I think I screeched and almost threw my bike through a shop window when I saw her.

Last night.

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