Spending time in the supermarket.

I visited the Cassette Markets this past weekend, down on Vulcan Lane. Oh it's always a treat. Even if you don't find a thing there is always a cupcake or two to be had from lovely Nicole of Sweet Surrender. You won't believe what she had. Frida Kahlo inspired cupcakes! How is that for timing. They were Mexican chocolate and chilli and absolutely amazing. I've never tasted a cake like it. I wanted to go back for seconds but spent the rest of the day at work.

I managed to find 3 other special bits there that day. A knitted turban style hat, promise to show a photo of this incredible beauty, a pinky top with rollerskate buttons and a long lemon and white polka dot pleated skirt. All in my hands for $44.50 and that's including the cupcake!

Here is a picture I got before destroying it!


Kraftbomb this Sunday!

Some new teacups and my best attempt at a Frida will be on my stall this weekend at Kraftbomb- plus a new set of map magnets, all the best places are back! and lots more. Hope y'all can make it!


Orders! Cause I'm off!

I'm leaving for Mexico in just 17 days and I'll be there for a month! So I thought I'd do a small post to let y'all know that if you'd like any of my bits and pieces that I'll be at this months Kraftbomb and Oct's Devonport Craft Market before hitting the road/sky. All proceeds from purchases will go to my holiday fund! Hehe.

And also anyone after a custom order map please let me know asap and I'll be able to finish it by then for you too.

Thank you!

Oh Brasil.

So I'm off to Mexico so soon- and don't get me wrong I'm bursting with excitement but Steve McCurry just posted this image on his blog. It's shot in Brasil, that place has my heart! Can I please have it back? Or can I come back?


On my way home tonight from work I found myself amidst a commotion outside the Civic. The Qantas Film and Television Awards 2010 where about to start and I tried my best at very far away paparazzi photography.

Keisha. I thought her dress was the loveliest from the back but no photographers seemed to pay much attention as she walked away.

Charlotte Dawson doing something odd.

Ah Paul, pretty please you won best man on television. You are priceless.

There was even some autographs signed amidist 'Shortland Streets da bomb' cheers.

The Go Girls crew made it and the Outrageous girls too.

But my highlight was sneaking a peek at wee Rocky and wee Boy, with their loving father.

Below is wee Rocky dancing just in front of...

These guys, another highlight!

Have a lovely Sunday.



How cool are these? From Rockett St George.

Tea for two.

And my teacups in the new Douglas & Bec store- another place definitely worth sticking your head into!

You can see them if you half close your eyes in the second picture!

Spring time at Swonderful.

There are some of my maps in Swonderful at the moment- plus a whole bunch of other lovely jubbly bits and pieces.



I'm really loving this Bert Teunissen that just came through on the Jen Bekman email this morning.

It seems he does some other pretty incredible domestic landscapes too.


Japan and Macedonia below.

New Papercup!

I want a Dallas ruffle skirt with all my heart!

Today I'm 24.

It's my birthday today. It's almost over but oh what a day it's been!
Thanks lovely friends, lovely bosses, lovely shops and lovely family.

A street suprise.

The opening of Douglas and Bec. You must go!

And a little bit of work.



I've been reading up about some areas in Mexico- I'm quite keen to try to get to Xochimilco. To gracefully glide my hand through the water like Frida, whilst no doubt being ripped off by the price of the ride. Oh I'd be so happy to buy flower bunches from old woman in boats and see frightening dolls hanging from trees. Xochimilco looks mental but brilliant. The Venice of Mexico!

More info about the dolls trees. Thanks Wiki.

'One of Xochimilco's newest and strangest tourist attractions is the island of Dolls: 'La Isla de las Muñecas'. Situated on Teshuilo Lake, the small island was home to Don Julian Santana Barrera, a hermit who collected thousands of dolls for the spirit of a drowned girl who he believed kept him company. Despite Don Julian's death in 2001 the dolls remain and the island is growing in popularity with sightseers willing to undertake the four hour round-trip.'
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