But I think brilliant. Ain't no place like home.

We are Team New Zealand from Useful Films on Vimeo.


Oh boy.



One more point.

I've got my red shoes on (no socks unfortunately), a stripey sailor top, a rope necklace and my endeavor coin brooch on. Come on boys. Todays the day!

The best.

This is quite possibly my favourite photo with friends. Ever.

Those facials.

Cultivate a better world.

I might be a bit late on this one but wow. It's a goodie.


Things to be done.

I've been trying to get my a into g and start to make a kind of 'young travelers guide to Rio'. Slowly slowly I've been compiling the list in my head but to be honest it's easy to be lazy here and I've been enjoying it a little too much.


So far my list goes like this. Perhaps if I post it here it will give me the kick that I need.

1. Helpful info about the next level rollercoaster buses and the bizarre BRS 1, 2 and 3 system.

2. The batman symbol I found in a vent in the Arcoverde metro station. Show.

3. Hareburger. That guy is a genius.

Hm. How is it only 3?



We built this shelf to display the Terravixtas, it's a Terravixta itself. We think it's pretty clever!


Cleaning the floor.

In our new building next door.

Don't resist.

From here.



Always sharing the good stuff. How to make your very own hammock, just in time for spring!

See how to here.



Amanhã eu vou para Ubatuba / Tomorrow I go to Ubatuba. As duas horas a tarde / At two in the afternoon.

Google's images leads me to believe it looks a little like this. I hope he's right. It will be my second time out of state since my arrival- excited!

Heart it races.

Even now.


Life in Rio.

It's been hectic but in the best way. Between doing work for back home and finding my groove in a little job here too, plus the beach (a must visit each day or at least every 3!), feeding myself etc I've completely neglected my little space online.

Now I'm working for the guys I mentioned one here. I even get a feature on the website and helped with the English version if you are interested to know a little bit more about what we do. Repping it for the Kiwis with the Cariocas da Gema (Rio kids from the yolk).

19 seconds.

Of birthday bliss.


She turns.

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