The Devonport Market.

I spent my Sunday on my stall at the Devonport Market. The day was a beauty and I plonked myself outside this time. It was the best decision, I read in the sun, sold more than I normally do and was at the ready for street style opportunities. I also met some blog followers- Hi Nikki!

I also bought myself some cheerful pompom flowers from a delightful, relatively new seller, Kim of Kute Kiwi. I love them!


Nikki said...


Was suuuuuch a nice day.

Wore my owl with pride and my cousin decided she needs one too. So I'll be in touch with an order soon... I most definitely need a 'Take me here' paper cut of France!

KIM said...
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KIM said...

haha my name is kim from kutekiwi.blogspot.com :P so glad u like the pompom flowers!! i was at the anti mining march too!! it was so incredible! xx

friend or doe said...

Looks ever so lovely!

you better watch out for that Nikki lass... she's trouble!

Dreamboat said...

ohhhh I always miss the craft markets where your stalls are. Do you do outside sales? I have been wanting a bunting necklace forever (and that hot water bottle is amazing)


lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

I'm so sorry Kim! Will update that now! :)
xx I love them! They are now pride of place in my kitchen. Not sure the flatmates love them quite as much as I do hehe.

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Oh! And Dreamboat- I'm going to put some on my felt shop tomorrow! A long with some other new bits and pieces.

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