Viva Mexico!

Before anything else- I found the photographer of the lovely Fez photo I posted a while ago- it's Jody Rogac and all her work is just as beautiful.

It's almost exactly 2 months till I leave on for a whirlwind tour of Mexico. I am a little excited- the excitement is growing inside be everday! If only I had a spare $400 US before hitting the road, I'd love one of these. Pamela Love's Bronze Picado necklace. I think I might have to dig up my silver jewellery course knowledge and make one myself- 2 months. Think I can do it? I hope!

And a lovely chef from a lovely looking Taco shop in Queens came on the Selby email today.

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PJ said...

Mexico! so close to San Francisco. hope you can drop by. r we can meet in the middle?! haha.

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