Sweet summer.

This heat has got me dreaming of mangos. The kind that are impossible to eat without getting juices all over yourself, so good!

I'm desperately on the hunt for the perfect wedding gift, my brother is getting married this month! And thank goodness I'm a bridesmaid so no dress worries. Any suggestions? I thought a lovely Rifle Paper Co. personalised print would fit the bill.

Mangos from Oncewed.


victoria n' bird said...

I'm on the same wedding pressie hunt, really wanted to get a customised Nan Lawson portrait, but don't have months & months to wait! Ellothere on Etsy have some rather cute customisable posters.

PJ said...

hey you're back to bloggin! Big hello from San Francisco!

carina said...

ashleyg on esty does good personalized prints too. I have a portrait of my BF and I. I love it!

kimberlee said...

beautiful summer things! its all gray and berlin like here so this does make me a little jealous.
My friend from NZ came here for a visit and gave me one of your NZ map works as a gift! I was so thrilled to finally have one (lusted for so long) and it is now sitting in my cheery kitchen charming up the place. I just thought you would like to know!

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