Andrew Miksys.

Takes photos I like. This bingo series below shot in the USA I love.

 And this bus series too. All so grand.

 And the Roma series also can't be missed. I love the story of this photograph. Ah and the disco series, I like it all.

“BAXT is a Roma (Gypsy) word that translates to English as fate or fortune.  This is Spartak (Spartacus). I photographed him in a very small Lithuanian village where there is only one Roma family.  I had set my camera up to photograph the doorway of the house with the lace curtain and little heart drawings on the door, when Spartak stepped in front of my camera wanting to be photographed.  I really liked the contrast between his tough guy poses and the flowered curtain and hearts.  I ended up shooting several rolls of film.  Spartak was named after a soldier sold into slavery to fight as a gladiator but escaped to lead a successful slave rebellion against the Romans.  During the Soviet Union this was a popular name, a metaphor for the working class which was also freed from its “chains.”  Of course, the Roma are another historically beaten and battered people, but their pride and strength has helped them survive and keep their culture alive.”

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