You don't see 'em much round these parts.

Amazingly fabulous daring woman. Where do they lurk?
I'm pretty pleased with this photo, can you tell? Mostly because I took it the morning after my camera fell out of my back pack and bounced down the street. We are still in business.


Kim W. said...

i saw this photo on ur street style blog earlier! I got so excited to know that SOMEWHERE some woman dress bright and bold! doesnt she look marvelous??? amazing... just amazing! i want it all... esp the orange bag! glad ur camera is ok... that wld have been a sad day for sure

Kavery said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoy your Akl Street Style blog. Have I infringed copyrights etc? Ooops! Let me know. Hope my post sent more readers to your blog.
Where do you find gorgeously dressed people like this girl? Her emsemble is wonderful

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