Last night we had a huge load of trick or treaters, we decorated our house the best we could and then they came in droves- I think word got out we were a good house. We even dressed up to answer the door and had a skull that said 'We've been waiting for you' followed by ridiculous sound effects as they approached.

I do love Halloween, it's all in good fun and I have very fond memories of my own trick or treat days (Stanely Bay was the best neighbourhood near us, most houses were decorated each year and we used to drive there to trick or treat!) Once a woman answered the door with a stocking on her head covering her face and she haunts me to this day! My brother had to grab the sweets for me!

The best kid last night launched through the door as I opened it with excitement and shouted 'I've got the trick or treats!!' He was a wee one, his Dad waited patiently at the gate and he stared down the headless dummy by the door as he went back down the path.

May many happy goblins and ghouls appear next year. Photography below by Amy Stein.

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