The shutter pirates paper pirates.

It twas a great evening, made even greater by a kebab pitstop and free Pacifico beer afterwards.

Thank you to the maker of my chosen photo. Nearly had to fight a girl for the other photo I was after, of a steamship, I let her win but it will stay in my heart forever. My dear friend across the seas, Rosie, sent some photos too- and two of ours ended up side by side, how nice! Wish you were here dear Rosemary.

Thankfully all our pictures were taken, and it did remind me of school shared lunch panic I thought it might (please someone eat my gone-cold cheerio sausages and tom sauce, and you start eating them to try to encourage the rest). Let's say my pictures weren't the TimTams but they weren't too bad either.

Thanks Shutter Pirates, bravo!

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same old story said...

Oh I'm so happy mine made the cut! I thought they didn't and was feeling so uncool. And ours were side by side! How grand.

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